Haven’t You Heard? Acne is IN!

You don’t have to know me for very long to find out that I’m a little bit obsessed with skincare. My skincare routine has 10 steps, I dramatically spritz my face with a hydrating mist in public, I never let my boyfriend touch my face, and I’m very passionate about wearing SPF every day (even in the winter!). However, my fascination with skincare was not always healthy. I used to be obsessive about my skin because I was ashamed of it. I thought every pimple was a big red sign telling the world that I’m riddled with imperfections.


I was trying so hard to combat every pimple and hide it with makeup or strategic placement of hair. I tried every skincare product under the sun (all sorts of topical medications too). But nothing helped clear my skin. Chasing ideal flawless skin is pretty much like trying to achieve the “perfect” body- both are impossible. It can be really hard to accept that “perfect” skin is unattainable, especially with the normalization of skin smoothing features like those on "FaceTune." But once you let go of the toxic beauty standards our society perpetuates, you’ll be able to feel comfortable in your skin.

Resist The Urge to Hide

It may be incredibly hard to find the confidence to go bare-faced, but plenty of women are doing it. Alicia Keys is still going strong with her commitment to no longer wear makeup in public and she’s started a movement. As women, we’re expected to blur our skin and cover up any pimple, blemish, or wrinkle but it can be empowering to reject this idea and let your real skin show. You may even inspire someone else who’s struggling with acne to find the confidence to embrace their skin too.

Comparison Kills

I remember feeling incredibly envious of my best friend when I was in high school because she had amazing skin. Actually, it wasn’t just that she had gorgeous skin- it was because she had a smooth, even complexion without even trying! She’s the type who would never wash her face and she’d get a pimple maybe once every few months. Here I was cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, face masking- and still had horrible acne. But the painful truth is, acne is generally genetic. My best friend happened to come from a long line of smooth, clear faces while I got my lovely acne-prone skin from my dad. It took a while but eventually, I learned that just because I had acne and my friend did not, it didn't make me any less worthy of feeling beautiful.

Who Says Acne Has to Be a Bad Thing?

The idea of “good” skin is purely subjective. I remember my freshman year roommate telling me that she thought I had nice skin. I figured she was just being nice, and I said something along the lines of “No way girl, do you see all these pimples?”. It turns out she was pointing out that I had an even skin tone, and even though I had acne, the rest of my skin was glowy and smooth. Truth is, having acne doesn’t mean your skin is bad. Having clear skin doesn’t necessarily mean you have good skin either. It’s a matter of how you define your skin and how you feel when you take a hard look in the mirror. Who’s to say you don’t have the most gorgeous skin in the world?


Next time you find yourself feeling bummed out by a breakout, remember you're not alone and that having acne has no say in your self-worth and how you define yourself.


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