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Function of Beauty
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Function of Beauty: Is It Worth The Hype?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at West Chester chapter.

Function of Beauty offers a unique take on hair care by allowing customers to create their own personalized shampoo and conditioner. You probably saw this advertised on social media or through YouTube influencers. When logging onto their website, shoppers take a hair quiz which consists of four sections. In the quiz’s first section, you answer your hair type, structure, and scalp moisture. In the second and probably the most important are your hair goals. Here, you are given eighteen hair goal options that you can select five of. In the third section, you chose one of the six fragrance options and its potency, the color you would like your products and select a name for your formula. Finally, you select the bottle size you would like to order. After seeing how much attention this company receives, I decided to test it to see if it is worth the hype.

Averie Woodard

My hair profile consisted of wavy hair with medium thickness and normal scalp moisture. Then, I selected fix split ends, strengthen, thermal protection, lengthen, and replenish hair as my hair goal and selected a strong cherry bl(awesome) fragrance. I was excited to try this because my hair is extremely damaged as I bleach my hair regularly and apply heat to it almost daily, but after a full month of using my formula, my results left me underwhelmed. My expectations were extremely high as I envisioned my healthier and smelling like cherry all day. Sadly, this was not the case. The shampoo lost its scent almost immediately despite choosing the strongest potent level. Other than this, the shampoo is nothing special. It feels similar to any drug store shampoo but at a much higher price. The conditioner is awful, too. It is extremely light and does not have a creamy texture whatsoever. I was expecting a thick cream that left my hair with a soft texture, but I was left with the complete opposite. Instead, the conditioners felt more like a nourishing shampoo. I used my shampoo and conditioner combo for a full month, but my hair did not feel any better. In fact, I think it felt drier and more fragile.

The company is relatively new, only being created in 2015. In addition to their shampoo and conditioner, they sell a separate purple shampoo, leave-in conditioner, hair mask, and hair serum which are all on the pricier side. I ordered a 16oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner, their best deal, and my total came out to $57.35. I think the company possesses a great concept. It is exciting to create personalized hair products and I believe with some formula adjustments this could be a truly amazing product. They do a substantial amount of advertising and countless influencers rave about it on nearly every social media platform so of course, you would be intrigued to buy

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Kevin Laminto

If you are looking for a high-quality hair care line, I suggest ‘It’s a 10’. It is a much superior product as they have products for every type of hair need you could imagine. I use several of their products and am never disappointed. The products a little pricey because they are salon-quality, but you can buy it at the drug store as well. Is it worth the hype? No. Spend your money on a product you know will work for you, but a good thing to figure out is your hair goals and look into what products comply with you. Check out this hair quiz by Total Beauty. After answering twelve questions they will recommend products that meet your needs.


Jacqueline is a senior at West Chester University, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She is working towards her Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Culture studies, with a Strategic Communication Concentration. Jacqueline is also working towards her minor in creative writing. In her future, Jacqueline hopes to write a book and find a career where she can pursue her passion for writing and creativity.
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