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Everyone is itching for the weather to fully turn and autumn to begin. Personally, if there’s one thing that distinguishes the seasons of my life, it’s the music I listen to. Here are my top five albums to get into that cozy mood for the “-ber” months.

  1. Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd – Lana Del Rey 

Some might not agree, but when I listen to “Margaret” by Lana Del Rey (and of course featuring Bleachers), I’m transported to autumn. I’ve been waiting for fall specifically to stream this song during the season I know it was meant to be streamed. All that aside, the entirety of the album has the kind of classical sound that can only fully be appreciated by someone who is hopelessly romanticizing all aspects of her life, including the current season.

  1. Midnights – Taylor Swift 

Midnights is an instant time machine to October 2022. While nothing about the sound really screams “THIS IS AN AUTUMN ALBUM,” anyone who anxiously stayed up waiting for the album to drop and trudged along to class the next day humming the opening to “Lavender Haze” understands what I mean. You can’t help but listen to this album and place yourself back in time to the days leading up to Halloween last year. I also think it’s relevant to note that the concept of Midnights is the endless agonies that go on after-hours, which is the essence of the college experience. Good luck with studying this semester! At least Taylor has our back.

  1. five seconds flat – Lizzy McAlpine

five seconds flat, Lizzy McAlpine’s sophomore album, is an absolute triumph. Although this album was released two springs ago, it will always take me back to the fall of my senior year of high school, when I listened to it religiously and saw Lizzy in concert. The dreamy acoustics scream fall, and Lizzy’s voice is an immediate comfort.  If you listen to this album on a chilly autumn day while walking to class, doing your homework, or feeling generally nostalgic, you’ll understand why it made the cut for this list. 

  1. Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) – Noah Kahan 

Noah Kahan’s deluxe version of Stick Season is the perfect soundtrack for “long distance daughters,” as TikTok would say, who’ve just moved/moved back to college. Before the album was released, Kahan described it as a “winter album,” but I will still totally be vibing to it all fall. It’s exactly the kind of indie-folk pop music that brings me comfort as the weather starts to get chilly, leaves start to fall, and academics pick back up again. The original Stick Season is amazing, but I’m absolutely overjoyed with the extended album that  is everything exhausted, homesick college students need to push throug fall semester. Trust me. Kahan also just released a version of “Call Your Mom”, his latest hit, with none other than Lizzy McAlpine that needs to make it onto 2023 fall playlists.

  1. Red (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

This is the quintessential fall album. I really don’t have to go into too much detail here – the current TikTok trend of people recalling exactly where they were two falls ago as soon as the iconic opening of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” starts playing says enough. If you listen to one thing to get into the fall mood, it should be “All Too Well”. Better yet, watch the short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien and then buy yourself a matching red scarf. 

Taylor Swift – All Too Well: The Short Film

This fall is for embracing all things cozy and warm. Queue up your favorite scary movies, bake something pumpkin flavored, and, of course, make that perfect fall playlist. I know it can be difficult to stay happy and motivated as fall and winter approach, but sometimes music can heal and help you to romanticize your life. Happy listening!

Maddy Kern

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