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We can’t all love Thanksgiving as much as Bob does, but we can celebrate with the Belchers through these eight hilarious episodes. I will be ranking all eight of these episodes from my favorite episode to my least favorite.

Season 7 Episode 6 “The Quirkducers”

This episode takes place primarily at Wagstaff. Louise wants her last day of school before Thanksgiving break to be a half-day. She convinces Mr. Frond to let her direct the annual school musical. Louise turns Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction into a musical starring Tina, Gene, Jocelyn, Zeke, Jimmy Jr., and Tammy. Louise plans a messy and gory ending that backfires until Tina saves the day. What I love most about this episode is the goofy musical aspect of it. These songs will definitely get stuck in your head.   

Season 9 Episode 7 “I Bob Your Pardon”

This episode has a crazy and hilarious plot. The family attends the town’s first turkey pardoning, but Linda is enraged when she finds out the deputy mayor performs the fake turkey pardoning. The Belcher children overhear Marsha, the assistant to the deputy mayor, telling her mom that she has to drive the turkey to a slaughterhouse because all the sanctuaries are full. The Belcher family and a reporter follow Marsha and steal the turkey out of her car, leading to a full out car chase. Followed by coyote’s that Louise charges at, and a tame ending with the family bringing the turkey to live on the farm from season 6 with the two-butted goat.

Season 6 Episode 4 “Gayle Making Me Bobsled”

In this episode, we get two plot points that will have you lolling. Bob goes to pick an injured Gayle up for Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of a blizzard. When Bob’s car gets snowed in, he calls Linda telling her she has to cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner while he pulls Gayle in a kitty pool through the blizzard while she holds Mr. Business. Linda panics and tells the kids to help. Gene and Louise cook the sides, making only deserts. At the same time, Tina and Linda struggle to cook the turkey. When Mr. Business gets lose, Gayle chases him while Bob chases her in anger finding out that she is not hurt. Bob ends up getting hurt when he falls out of a tree after trying to get Mr. Business. Gayle then has to pull him in a kitty pool. They all sit down on the undercooked turkey desert sides.  

Season 5 Episode 4 “Dawn Of The Peck”


This episode involves angry poultry, kids trapped on a ride, a drunk Bob, all with a zombie apocalypse theme. Linda heads to the wharf with the kids to participate in the “running of the turkeys” while the kids ride discounted rides. The birds go insane and attack all of the runners. The cyclops turkey knocks out Linda while Teddy is dragging her to safety. Mickey runs and hides from the birds, leaving the kids stranded on a ride. In the meantime, Bob gets drunk, blasts Donna Summers, and has no idea what is happening outside. Teddy, Linda, and Mickey duct tape stuffed animals to their bodies as protection as they go to rescue the kids. When they get home, they realize a drunk Bob went to the store to get Thanksgiving dinner, and they go to save him. 

 Season 3 Episode 5 “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”

This was the first Thanksgiving episode from Bob’s Burgers. Mr. Fischoeder bribes the Belcher’s to be his family for Thanksgiving dinner to win back his old girlfriend (Shelby), who only goes after married men. Bob reluctantly agrees and poses as the cook of the family. Bob tries to keep all the Belcher family traditions while being at Mr. Fischoeder’s but gets too drunk to execute any of them. In his drunken state, Bob forms a bond with Turkey (Lance). He steals the turkey and runs around the house while Shelby chases him with a gun and shoots lance.

Season 8 Episode 5 “Thanks-Hoarding”

In this episode, Teddy calls Bob in a panic, asking for help cooking Thanksgiving dinner for his sister, brother in law, mother, and mom’s new boyfriend. Bob helps Teddy in the kitchen while Linda and the kids try to make his home Thanksgiving ready. They find a room of all the junk teddy hoards in an attempt to fix them. Linda helps Teddy to try to declutter his house while getting to the route of his issue with fixing everything, including his parent’s broken marriage growing up.

Season 4 Episode 5 “Turkey In A Can”

Bob attempts to make a special Thanksgiving turkey since Gayle, Mort and Teddy are all coming over. He wants to do a four-day “father of the brine” recipe. Bobs attempts this only to find that every night someone is putting the turkey in the toilet. Everyone accuses Louise, so she goes on a hunt to discover the real culprit. In the meantime, Gene, Linda, and Gayle write a Thanksgiving song, and Tina is trying to act more like a woman to sit at the adult’s table. When Bob finally serves Thanksgiving dinner, he ends up sleepwalking and putting the turkey in the toilet himself.   

Season 10 Episode 8 “Now We’re Not Cooking With Gas”

 Bob finally receives a Heritage Turkey; this is a freshly killed farm-raised turkey that Bob has been on the waitlist for this for years. Unfortunately, he can’t cook it inside because the gas goes out on the whole block. Determined to cook the turkey, Bob sets up a fire in the ally to roast the turkey. He sends the kids on a quest to find any flammable objects. The fire department shows up repeatedly, telling him to put out his fire, to which bob does not. Bob realizes he has gone too far when he is willing to burn Tina’s giving tree. The turkey catches on fire, the fire department put it out but then it turns out the turkey is perfectly cooked on the inside.

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