5 Tv Shows That Will Truly Swallow Your Life

I think it is safe to assume that most people are self-quarantining due to the global pandemic we are experiencing right now. While this uncertain time may induce anxiety, we can still find ways to take our minds off it all. I do not think there a better time exists to start a new TV series than now as we are all stuck at home with nothing much to do. The following shows are some of my absolute favorites. Watch at your own risk because as promised these shows will truly swallow your life and I was not amidst a quarantine when I invested in these shows.

  1. 1. Dexter

    This crime drama follows the life of Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter analyst by day and serial killer by night. Dexter’s possesses an inner need for murder, but he follows a moral code laid out for him by his father. This way, Dexter can satiate his cravings but simultaneously fly under the radar. The storyline follows Dexter through a rocky love life, family trauma, and other unexpected relationships. Every season contains an unbelievable, unpredictable ending. Dexter is yet another murderous character that you want to root for due to his serial killer charm. This series has eight seasons with twelve episodes per season, making it a time-consuming commitment. However, it is definitely worth the time! I watched it twice back to back because it is that engrossing. If you have Netflix, you must add Dexter to your watchlist.

  2. 2. Bojack Horseman

    A Netflix original, Bojack Horseman tells the story of a washed-up 90’s sitcom actor with childhood trauma, wealth, and substance abuse to spare. This dark comedy-drama takes place in an animated world where animals and humans coexist, so there are lots of animal puns. I believe Bojack Horseman is what every other adult animation wants to be: witty, appropriately inappropriate, and it does not shy away from reality. This show tackles a range of taboo topics from asexuality to alcoholism to Hollywood and accountability, and everything in between. Bojack Horseman will make you laugh, cringe, cry, and think. It is depressingly real, clutch-your-stomach hilarious, and provides an interesting commentary on the society we live in. Netflix recently released Bojack’s sixth and final season back in October. This leaves the show twelve episodes a season, plus a bonus four episodes to help wrap up Bojack’s story. 

  3. 3. Broad City

    Broad City is one of the funniest, most relatable TV shows I ever watched. This Comedy Central series observes the reality of being a broke girl living it up in New York City. Main characters and show creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer who are fun, forever young, and ambitious. Broad City is LGBTQ+ friendly, socially aware, sexually free, and incredibly modern. This is a show I wish that I watched in high school, but I suppose it is best that I saw it first in college. You will understand what I mean if (or when) you watch it. Broad City is a series for mature audiences, and you can find this gem on Hulu with five seasons containing ten episodes each. I promise you will find yourself laughing while also considering things never thought to before. For example, I will leave you with how I now have a better understanding of male circumcision than before watching Broad City.

  4. 4. American Horror Story

    American Horror Story is arguably the best horror TV series to exist. The absolute range this show possessed is insane. With a collective nine seasons, every single one tells a completely different story. Hulu has all nine seasons, whereas Netflix has up to season eight. The most notable seasons are Season 1: “Murder House”, Season 2: “Asylum”, Season 3: “Coven”, Season 5: “Hotel”, and Season 7: “Cult”. American Horror Story started with a bang as the first three seasons were strong and unbelievably twisted in the greatest ways possible. However, I believe they dropped the ball with Season 4’s Freakshow and Season 6’s “Roanoke”. So, if you are looking for a lighter commitment, start with the few seasons I first mentioned and branch out at your own risk. I will give a disclaimer for this one, kind of like Broad CityAmerican Horror Story is for mature audiences only! It is gory, sexually explicit, and terrifying at times. If you are looking for one of the most satisfying horror series, American Horror Story should be up next for you.

  5. 5. The Good Place

    I figured I advertised a lot of drama/sad/horror on this list, so I would like to finish off with a feel-good comedy. The Good Place takes place in the afterlife and after watching this show, I can only hope that Heaven is something like The Good Place. They get soulmates and an all-knowing vessel of knowledge, Janet, who acts as an attendant in the afterlife community. Not only is The Good Place a sweet comedy, but it also mentions things that pertain to real life. For example, they often mention real-life famous or infamous figures who are supposedly in the good or the bad place. Each episode lasts about twenty-two minutes, and Netflix has up to season three with twelve episodes each available right now, so it is a super quick watch. 

    If you could not tell, I am a TV junkie through and through. There is just something about a good TV show with a good story that strikes something in me. Hopefully, we can break quarantine and return to business as usual before you can finish this list. If not, trust that I will have more recommendations for you because much like you, I am using this time to knock things off my watchlist.