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Every girl wonders what clothes to bring to college to showcase their personality and maximize space in their dorm. Including me! Don’t even worry. There are 5 things you need to make you look easily gorgeous and stylish!! 

1. Sweatpants

The first is some sweatpants. It may be hot outside, but the majority of your buildings are cold. Bringing a few pairs of sweatpants to pair with just about anything combines comfort and class! I would bring a white, grey, and black pair. Personally, I have two pairs of flare sweats and two classic pairs. Old navy has the perfect flare sweatpants! As a tall gal, they are perfect. I also love the classic sweatpants from Garage!

2. Variety of Tops

The second basic is tops! I personally love a good crop top and be sure to bring a variety. As long as you have a container to store these babies, I promise you, you’ll have space. My advice is to bring a few bottoms and all of your tops! Some tank tops for the heat, cropped tees for class, and some sexy ones for Saturday nights! I like to pair mine with a pair of flare sweatpants for class and a pair of jean shorts for the weekend! I love to thrift mine and cut them to the length I like or get them from Garage, H&M, Pacsun, Urban, Aeropostale, and Shein!

3. Headbands

The next must have is headbands! I think we can all agree the communal showers at college suck. Something about them makes your hair get greasier than usual! Throwing in a cute headband with your hair down, a braid, or a pony hides the greasy hair and makes you look like a total college girl! No need to go out and buy a headband either! Just crop a tee, make a sweatshirt off the shoulder, or cut the sleeves off a shirt. Boom! 

4. Off the shoulder sweatshirts

Basic number four is my personal favorite, off the shoulder sweatshirts! I wear these just about every day. They combine comfort and cute for your outfits to class! Just cut the neckline off a crewneck, and not only do you have a cute and cozy top, but you also have a new headband! Pair these with absolutely any bottoms! I especially love wearing one with a cute pair of wide leg jeans, a matching headband, and some converse or flare sweatpants, slippers, and a matching headband!

5. Gym sets

Last but not least, gym clothes! The best way to feel like yourself at college and stay healthy is to spend an hour or two every day at the gym! Whether its running, walking, taking a spin or yoga class, or moving weights around, get out of your comfort zone! Make a goal for yourself to visit the gym every day! And if you are spending time at the gym, why not look cute doing it?? Definitely bring some spandex, biker shorts, big tees, and cute sports bras for your daily gym trips! A girl’s girl never gatekeeps, so I love my amazon biker shorts and DSG has the most amazing, cute, and comfy sports bras! 

With all this being said, your wardrobe is an easy way to express yourself and show others what you are about in college! Make it yours! Go kill it at college ladies. 


Rhiannon Henry

West Chester '27

Hello! My name is Rhiannon Henry! I am a writing major at West Chester University and I am so happy to be a part of HerCampus! I play softball at WCU, I love movies, art, music, and my friends and family! Writing is a huge passion of mine, and I can't wait to contribute to the HerCampus community!