Top Three Best Studying Apps

When it comes to studying, we all must have that particular app that we can rely on to help us get a good score on a test or quiz. We are constantly on our phones or tablets so I have provided three apps that could be found on your device, and they will change your studying habits! These apps don’t only help you, but also the environment, so making good use of them will be beneficial for all of us. 

  1. 1. Goodnotes 5 

    This app is used to take digital notes which can help economize paper! It has different folders for distinct subjects, and you can customize the outside of the folder as well as choose your preferred color for the paper. Now, you can also import your pdf files, write on it, and highlight it to help you organize your thoughts and ideas. This app allows you to download certain documents and books so you can annotate and feel comfortable taking notes and erasing it as well as you are actually on paper. You do have to pay $7.99 but it is totally worth it! If you do not feel like spending money on an app, Notes Writer – Take Good Notes, will be your next choice as it is free and does some of the functions that Goodnotes performs. You can write, highlight, annotate, and do so much more with this app to develop your note-taking skills. Like Goodnotes, you can download documents and pdf files to further use this application. Neither of these apps are available on the Play Store, but other apps could do some of these tasks similar to both Goodnotes and Notes Writer. 

  2. 2. Forest 

    Love letter with flowers

    I know we all try to study but “accidentally” end up on Instagram or YouTube, so this app is here to help with our distractions. Forest monitors the minutes you will be studying, and you will have to choose a tree of your choice. This app will allow you to concentrate only on studying, or the activity you want to do, and then they’ll give you some coins after each session. The coins you achieve will then be used to plant a real-life tree. There are two options: the normal option, which is only giving you time to study, and the profound concentration option in which you cannot leave the screen until you have finished your session, or your tree will die. This app is $1.99, but if you do not want to pay for it, there is a similar application called Flora. For Flora, a real tree is also planted and all you have to do is collect coins and study! On the play store, you can find a similar option called Forest: Stay Focused. So, if you want to study and help save the planet, use this app to study and time yourself with any other activities. 

  3. 3. Quizlet 

    Element5 Digital

    This is the most used app for studying and I thought that I should include it because some people don’t use it to its full extent. Quizlet has flashcards to study vocabulary which you can create yourself. You can also find flashcards made by other people with similar topics as yours. You can even use it to study a new language by writing down words and meanings. This app is free and convenient and will help you with gathering information as well as using it. Quizlet is available for both App Store and Play Store, and you can also find other people’s flashcards on the web. This app is great for memory as well, so quiz yourself!

These apps will not only help you study but enhance your note-taking skills. If used daily, your notes will be efficient and will definitely help you when it comes to remembering certain words or subjects. Also, these apps are great organization tools and will perhaps help with procrastination. You can either use one or all of them, but make sure that you create a habit with them to use at their full capacity.