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    Shein is an online clothing website that has been trending on social media all quarantine. I’ve seen so many different reviews good and bad. Since I love finding reasons to buy clothes I don’t need or will never wear, I found this a perfect time to experience this brand for myself. 

    For the most part, I will give this company 4 out of 5 stars. Since the beginning of quarantine around March to now, I have ordered from here at least 5 times now. The first complaint I see from people is how long their shipping is. My first time ordering from Shein I waited about two weeks for my package. Any order I made after my first order, I noticed that the shipping was way faster, (as little as a week wait). 

    Another big review I can personally give is the material. All of the biker shorts I ordered, I found that the material was pretty thin and see-through. However their graphic tees are very comfortable and made with great material, so I advise people to read the material description of what they’re buying. I love that there are reviews with pictures of actual people in the clothes, so you can see how the clothes fit and appear in person. 

    Lastly, the best thing about this company is their prices. Whether it’s a shirt, or an accessory everything is reasonably priced, which is a shopper’s favorite thing to hear. Before shopping with Shein I thought they only sold clothes, but the more you scroll you’ll see they also sell home products. I bought a bunch of 3D butterfly stickers for my wall, for as low as $1.11, I also purchased a bathroom holder to place my toothbrush and toothpaste in (which sticks on the wall,  for only $3. If you love balling on a budget, I highly recommend Shein!

Kyla is excited to be the president of Wesley's first Her campus chapter. She is currently a senior at Wesley College, majoring in English. During her downtime, she enjoys reading, writing, and singing. Instagram @kylatiara_
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