This List Will Make You Overthink

In light of this being my last article as President for Wesley’s chapter, I decided to write a different type of article for this week. While scrolling on TikTok all night I ran into @yvngheath_ ’s page and seen a bunch of statements and questions that had me overthinking all night. So I decided to share this confounding feeling with you all. (These were all found on @yvngheath_ ’s Tik Tok profile.)

1. You don’t know you fell asleep until you wake up. 

2. Why do our ears click every time we swallow?

3. Who taught the first teacher?

4. The voice in your head never runs out of breath. 

5. You can’t hum while holding your nose. 

6. Are you really IN traffic or are YOU traffic?

7. When you rub two fingers together which finger are you feeling?

8. B,d,p & q are the exact same letters in different directions.

9. If practice makes perfect why is it so hard to still wake up in the morning. 

10. At one point you were the youngest in the world.