Items from Amazon That You Definitely Need: Part II

I will provide you with four items that you can use for your office (if you work from home), school space, or any other random area where you spend most of your time working. They will help you work more proficiently, be organized, and feel comfortable in your area of working or studying.

  1. Half closed laptop over book

    If you feel like someone is invading your privacy, use these camera covers to protect yourself. They slide which makes it easier for you to use your camera when doing online classes without having to remove it every time you need to use it. The adhesive used to attach to your device’s camera has a stronghold and it is durable. You can use it with your laptop, tablet, PC, and some smartphones. They are easy to use, and you won’t have to worry about detaching it and reattaching it. Prices vary depending on the design you chose.

  2. This is my favorite purchase by far! This mini dust cleaner can be placed on your desk, and it will pick up the dirt you leave behind when working. It can last up to 400 minutes, no cord required, and it has a 360 rotation. It does need batteries, but they will last up to two and a half hours and it is quick to clean the surface of your desk. It has a suction power of 1000a (pretty strong for a small vacuum), and the noise is pretty low. They come in different colors so pick your favorite and enjoy a nice and clean space. Not to mention, they are only $11.98! 

  3. If you spend hours on your desk, this cushion will help prevent soreness, and you will work more efficiently. Tailbone pain is real, and this seat cushion will soothe this pain and will help relieve pressure. It has a non-slip orthopedic gel and a memory foam cushion. If you cannot work efficiently because you tend to concentrate on your back pain or you’re just uncomfortable, this seat cushion will help you feel better, and you will work better. The price right now is $22.65, which I think it’s fair because of all the benefits it brings. 

  4. This shredder will help you be organized by getting rid of unnecessary papers. It shreds eight sheets of paper, CDs, Credit Cards, among other thin items. Having this at home will help you keep track of documents, and you won’t have a mess of papers (which means less stressing about finding that one important document). It is not too big nor too small, so you can place it underneath your desk or somewhere around that area. Prices can vary, and you can find the one most convenient for you! 

These Amazon finds will help you feel more accomplished and relaxed whenever you are stressing over your work. Being organized will help you concentrate more on your work, and you will become more engaged in it as well. These items will guide you towards having a more organized and comfortable space to work in, so use them to their full ability. Try them and see which one works for you!