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How to Stay Motivated While Practicing Social Distancing in College


    Although this semester is very different from others, the major goal while attending Wesley College is to maintain your grades and a positive/ clear headspace. While that sounds extremely difficult to do at a time like this, here are some things I try to do daily to maintain these goals:  

    1. Dress positively. Okay, so maybe not every day, but most days in the week I try to wear my favorite pair of jeans, or some article of clothing that makes me feel good about myself(that’s still appropriate for school of course). Getting compliments throughout the day makes me feel good about myself and persuades more confidence in my walk for the day. It even motivates me to take on my day full of classes head-on. Sort of a “look great feel great” mantra for me.  

    2. Join a club. Although social distancing is very important, there are still clubs maintaining through this pandemic virtually. Joining a club may help you network to find people who can help you in a class, make new friends, or even give you downtime. For example, Her Campus at Wesley College just launched, and are now accepting members! This club creates a great space for students to not only write but have diverse conversations about numerous topics.  

    3. Find a peaceful space. My friends and I enjoy doing homework outside of our dorms/homes. For some reason, this is what helps us focus better. Finding a space, “your” space, gives you the motivation to get down to business when sitting in this specific area.  

    4. Find a new hobby. Finding a new hobby to enhance, can be something to do when you need a break from work or something to simply look forward to. Taking breaks from studying and homework is very important as a student.  


Kyla is excited to be the president of Wesley's first Her campus chapter. She is currently a senior at Wesley College, majoring in English. During her downtime, she enjoys reading, writing, and singing. Instagram @kylatiara_
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