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How to be Prepared for the Fall during the Pandemic

Stay Comfortable and Relaxed

There’s nothing better than staying warm and relaxed during this season. With the right choice of pants and sweater, you could become united with the season. Find the right time to relax and destress to keep a positive mind. With Mid-Terms coming up, you might want to feel relaxed and concentrated, and this is the right season to do so. Staying at the accommodation of your home, you can plan out your day, week, or even month to feel confident and accomplished this fall. Doing so will relieve a few stressors from your life, and this might even help you with procrastination. 

Prepare Your Favorite Meals or Drinks

Preparing your favorite meals or drinks can help you feel refreshed and happy this season. You can always search up recipes if you don’t know where to start. For instance, you can make Sangria with Apple Cider, Harvest Punch, Apple Pecan Cinnamon Roll Muffins, or Pumpkin Cake Parfait. There are places, such as Starbucks, that serve many fall-season drinks, but you can always try to make your own. It will be much more fun trying new things! 

Stay Safe While Still Having Fun!

With the pandemic occurring, you must stay safe! However, there are some activities you can do to have some fun. You can always host a game with your family or a few friends. Family game-night is very popular and, when you are home and bored, this can help with keeping a fun and positive environment. You can also watch movies or tell stories with your family and bond. Depending on your preferred genre, find a movie that lifts your mood and makes you feel comfortable. As long as you are having fun, do something that defines you. 


fall season means finding new perspectives in life. What better way than re-organizing your room! Being honest, we spend most of our time in our rooms and that is our little safe place. Find new ways of inspiration and organize or rearrange your room to make it even more personal and fall-related. Buy fall-decor that ignites inspiration and allows you to work peacefully and at-ease. 

 Stay Active

If you love the outdoors, the cold is approaching so a nice hike will be perfect for fall! Find a safe place where you can feel comfortable to go out and hike while enjoying the view. Staying active motivates you to work and keeps you focused which is perfect with exams coming up. You can also ride your bike or workout. Regardless of what you do to keep active, just remember that this can motivate you this fall, and in the future, so just keep active!

HI there! Paola is a senior at Wesley College who is majoring in English and minoring in Writing, and hopes to write for a living after college. Some of Paola's interests include writing, reading, watching horror and comedy films, traveling, and eating. Find her on Instagram as @_paolaap_!
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