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Best Thrilling Netflix Shows That I Fell in Love With

1. Dark

If you enjoy watching complicated shows and enjoy challenging yourself when it comes to figuring out what in the world is going on, then you must watch this series. Dark follows three distinct timelines where characters exist at the same time featuring repeatable events – yeah, confusing! The series begins with Ulrich Nielson who is cheating on his wife with Hannah whose husband commits suicide earlier in time. From this moment, some things make sense, but you will later become exploited with facts and new events that will make your head hurt. This series requires you to follow, remember, and calculate certain events if you want to understand it completely. Pay attention to details as the characters are related to one another through generations. It also consists of time travel and four families who are interconnected due to a 33 years cycle of torment and an ongoing secret. This thriller can be very confusing but exciting if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy series. 

2. Elite

This series is all about mystery and figuring out who murdered Marina – well, just the first season. The story revolves around Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, who are working-class teenage students who attend the elite school due to their scholarship. The story also revolves around the wealthy students and their relationship with the working-class students. One night, Marina is murdered by one of her classmates and the mystery evolves from there. The series bounces between the past and the present when trying to unveil the events that led to the death of Marina. The same pattern follows the second season, but a new death is derived based on the events that occurred in the past. This Spanish series will have you on the edge of your seat when you try to figure out who is the murderer, and it has a good comical sense which does not disappoint. 

3. The Rain

This show entails two siblings, Simone and Rasmus, sheltered in a bunker after a virus from the rain kills almost everyone in Scandinavia. After six years of being in a bunker, they begin to run out of supplies and they eventually decide to find the other bunkers to find food and also their father, who is a scientist and initially left them there, but he never returned. The story itself is a mystery as viewers do not know why there is a virus in the rain in the first place, and the characters do not know the cure for it yet. It is very interesting seeing how Simone and Rasmus's relationship evolves when they meet and join a group of people fighting for survival as well. Once they embark on a journey to find their father, secrets are revealed, and new relationships are formed. 

HI there! Paola is a senior at Wesley College who is majoring in English and minoring in Writing, and hopes to write for a living after college. Some of Paola's interests include writing, reading, watching horror and comedy films, traveling, and eating. Find her on Instagram as @_paolaap_!
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