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  1. The Impossible. (Drama). If you’re into tear-jerker type of movies, this is one to watch, especially because it is based on a true story. This movie shows a family who is vacationing in Southeast Asia while the 2004 tsunami hits. Throughout the movie, it shows the hardship the family endures while trying to find each other.
  2. Circle. (Psychological Thriller/ Drama). This movie is very different, because of its stagnant plot. A group of strangers in a town are placed in a circle and forced to collectively decide who should remain alive for each round. Only one player is granted the reward of life at the end.  
  3. Extraction. (Action & Adventure). A mercenary who is at his lowest is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord. Throughout this film, it shows the hardships of not only nearly the impossible mission to return the kid but the man dealing with his mental battle to complete it. 
  4. The Perfection. (LGBTQ movies/ Suspenseful). This movie is about a twisted academy for violinists. A former student comes back to avenge not only the academy but to save the upcoming rising star from being trapped in their sick web of secrets. 
  5. Project Power. (Action & Adventure). Project Power shows a journey of a man who is trying to track down his daughter who was abducted. There is a pill floating around that gives people a superpower, throughout his journey, he is not only trying to find his daughter, but he is also on the hunt to shut the pill down by these people.
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