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“Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.”- John Adams. 


Let’s talk about power, and no I don’t mean the show. For ages we have talked about the expectations of a leader or the expectations of those in power. In history, literature, media, etc., we have made the archetype of a leader exemplify strength, courage, grit, and God knows what else. Ask yourself this: do you truly know what it means to be a leader? 


Well, we all want to be the leader, the woman in charge, the head chef, the boss, the one who’s taking names and kicking ass. Sorry to tell you this, but there can only be ONE.


In most business models today there is generally one person or a small collective that hold the majority of power. That few 1% whether it be a manager, director, CEO, etc.. are not the reasons why I have roped you into this article. The issue I will present you with is the other side of the coin. 


Ask yourself this, do you truly know what it means to be an employee, a follower, a member, a supporter? If you find yourself relating to the questions below, let me tell you this: stay in your lane. 


Being a part of a team is the glue that holds an operation together. Although everyone can’t be a leader, like the saying goes, there is no i in team. You have to understand that working hard, being dedicated, exceeding expectations, and consistency will, for the most part, get you to the position of your dreams. If you have no intentions of putting in any effort to further your success or the success of others, then why are you even here? This applies to any position.


Are you the person who doesn’t turn work assignments in on time? Stay in your lane. Do you rarely show initiative or any type of enthusiasm about your work? Sit back and take several seats. Have you got an irreconcilable problem with authority but have no real leadership qualities? You tried it. 


Do you find yourself being personally attacked by management whenever management sets certain attainable expectations that you still have not managed to reach? Get it together quickly, please. Lastly, if you find yourself wanting to complain about every single aspect of your job, and always produce subpar results: stop. Keep the same energy you had in your application and interview. 


-Sincerely Management


Tyler Walker is the Co-Correspondent for Her Campus at Wesleyan College. An avid Naruto enthusiast, painter, and author. Tyler is a passionate leader and dabbles in the realm of puns. Look forward her article series ",Sincerely -".
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