It's Mid-semester and Adventure Awaits...

“Adventure Awaits”

This morning I saw this phrase carved into my mom’s Rae Dunn coffee mug placed neatly by our office keyboard. Someone was busy doing work, and for once it wasn’t me!

Nonetheless, I mention this coffee mug and its phrase because it served as a little reminder for me. This mug reminded me that adventure can be found practically anywhere, and once an adventure is underway, the avenues of opportunities and/or new discoveries are endless!

And as a college student, midterms are just another one of those awaiting adventures.

Even though some midterm exams, papers, or assignments have surpassed us, the acknowledgement of midterms marks the middle and approaching end of yet another school semester. However, the middle of a semester can be quite frightening and frustrating for those of us who have to start considering life after college, for those of us who are concerned with our grade in a particular class, or for those of us who may just be anxious about the semester’s approaching end.

Nevertheless, I propose that the middle of the semester should serve as a time of personal reflection. What is going right for you so far during this school semester? What may need change?  Do you need a tutor for a class you are struggling with? The ARC (or a friend) may be able to help with that! What might you be able to do better in a situation you are going through? What are some ways you can practice self-care and ensure that you are healthy?

 Although the answers to these questions and many others may vary, use the middle of the semester to your advantage. Try to incorporate new activities you can do to change up your schedule if your schedule needs some modifications. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy; grades are important, but so is your health and mental well-being. Visit and try out some new eateries that you haven’t had the chance to try - downtown Macon has some great restaurants to explore and get you started!

Just remember, you’ve made it this far, so keep going! View the middle of the semester as another marker in your journey through college. Do not let the middle of the semester intimidate you or hinder you from doing great! You got this!