Fall & Me

Fall has officially arrived in Georgia, thank goodness. I don’t care what the calendar says; 

it isn’t really fall until the temperature stays under 90 degrees Fahrenheit for a week straight, and y’all, it has finally happened. I’m writing this bundled in my hoodie, leggings, and hammock while it’s 75 degrees (on a day when the high is 78!) and I’m loving it. I even love the chilly gusts of wind! Gone are the humid days when your shorts and t-shirt are sticking to your skin by the time you can walk from the library to class. I can finally walk to my car without feeling like I’m walking through a sauna fully clothed. It’s the perfect season: it’s not too hot, not too cold, the clothes are the cutest of the year, and nature’s beauty is so rich! Halloween and Thanksgiving are upon us, and Christmas will be soon, too. 

Here are just a few reasons that I love fall: 

Thanksgiving. All that food… and the following lethargy.  

The color red. I look good in it, and it’s finally everywhere: in the trees, in the house, in the food, in the stores… I really mean everywhere. 

Corned beef stew. I’m not sure whose recipe it originally was, but the Stallworth family corned beef stew really will warm the cockles of your heart. 

Christmas prep. Getting ready for Christmas is almost as fun as the day itself. I love decorating, baking, and wrapping. Elf on the Shelf makes his first appearance the day after Thanksgiving, and the amount of planning for out family parties is equal parts (kinda) stressful and fun. 

No shorts. I’m sorry, but I hate wearing shorts. Women’s shorts are either uncomfortable, look weird, are too short, or all of the above. For the last couple of years, I’ve been wearing men’s shorts, and they’re comfortable, but I look like a frat boy. I love jeans, I love leggings, and I love skirts, so bring on the fall looks! 

Hay rides. Yes, they’re scratchy, and prickly, and bumpy, but with the right people they are better than any roller coaster. Seriously. 

Pumpkin bread. I don’t remember where we got the recipe, but it’s literally two ingredients (cake mix and canned pumpkin) and it tastes SO. FREAKING. GOOD.  

Apple picking. ‘Nuff said.  

Scarecrows. My little sisters have already built and named one Mr. Leaf.  

Warmth. Specifically, turning on the hot air in the car and feeling your face start to bake. 

Cute coats. I have one that I think makes me look like a female Sherlock Holmes, and yes, that is my Halloween costume. 

Fall is the best.