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Everyday Things to Do to Help You Not Lose Things


My memory is about as strong standing as a wall of feathers. Attempts to try to write things down have failed. Getting a planner has fallen through. Asking my phone to give me reminders? If only Siri could make me do my reminders (Do Not Disturb probably doesn’t help much either).

So how do I go about daily life without losing things? I don’t!

I am constantly losing things. Probably every day of my natural born life since 15 years old, I have lost something. Something big, something small, something old, something new, you get the idea. My main priority used to be not losing things because it irritated me much (I’m late to class already, I just want to wear my cute earrings!!). Now I’ve let go of that and focused on not misplacing things into spots where my eyes tend to not wander. So from one pitiful memory to another here are some everyday tips to not lose things!


  1. Make key hooks.

    – This doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to sparkle off the wall. It just needs to be able to hold your keys, lanyard, pocket wallet, etc. Got leftover Command hooks from move-in? Not anymore! Stick that right on the wall! The perfect place is right by the light switch. If you turn your lights off as you head out you are sure to see it and/or brush by them. In the two seconds hesitation of looking back, you saved yourself lockout.

  2. Put your glasses/accessories/jewelry in a singular space.

    – Do you have a jewelry box or just a cup you don’t use? Time to put it to use! You don’t have to remember to put your jewelry into it every day but stay mindful and put for accessories near it. That way whenever you’re looking for the perfect chain or watch you can see all your options. If you misplace jewelry often it’s the best way to have a go-to spot to look in first. Plus it’s a cute decoration for an empty nightstand. 

  3. ID’s near or on top of something you will need at the beginning of your day.

    – In the process of writing this article, I misplaced my ID card 3 (almost 4!) times. It’s not that I lost it, I just forgot I put it down. On the positive end though, I found it easily each time. It was in one of three places. Set yourself up to only place your ID (or keys) in designated places. A specific zipper of your backpack, the frontmost pocket in your purse, the edge of your bed, your sink, your back left nook of the basket on your desk, anywhere you will need to interact with at some point before you leave your room. 

  4. Plan your outfit early and set up things to just grab and go.

    – The weather app and your class schedule will help you arrange accordingly but this helps so much. Laying out just an idea of an outfit. A t-shirt and jeans can save you 10 minutes and a few extra Zzz’s so be sure to keep your style in mind. Knowing that you’ll look good the following day is an instant confidence booster.

  5. Double-check everything before you sleep!

    – A quick sweep of your clothes, jewelry, and keys makes you set for the coming day. If something is amiss then move it to where is necessary and get some rest. In the morning, get out there and slay the day! You will be successful, you will have a great day, you will have something lucky happen to you, you will not forget things and if you do? They’re probably going to be where you planned them out to be.

Imani Somner is a junior at Wesleyan College, majoring in Spanish and Religious Studies. She's the Social Media Coordinator for the Wesleyan College chapter. She loves dancing, language acquisition, music, and travel! She hopes to help work in translation with a focus in Spanish and Japanese.
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