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The dread of changing into pajamas before bed in the winter.

Changing clothes with cold hands is the worst! Especially when you’ve forgotten that your hands are cold only to be reminded by the shock of cold against the rest of the warm parts of your body.


Realizing that your hands are freezing right before shaking someone else’s (or touching anyone else at all, for that matter).

There’s always an awkward moment when you first meet someone and your hands are freezing in comparison to theirs.


Holding anything cold. 

 Despite what season it is, and knowing your hand temperature is about to match the thing you’re holding. Sometimes I cringe when I see people pick up snow or scoop ice with their bare hands.


Just typing in a cold public space, such as a library, and skipping keys or typing very slowly because your hands ache with lack of blood flow and warmth. 

I swear I can type faster and more neatly than this, I just have COLD HANDS.


Thinking your hands are warm until you touch something or someone that is actually warm.

Especially your warm-handed friends, who always seem surprised your hands are cold, even though you’ve spent your entire day thinking “yeah, my hands are pretty warm today.”


Cold feet.

Is that a safe assumption? Do most people with cold hands have cold feet?


Lavender fingernails

To show off when people think you’re exaggerating about the temperature of the office. 

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