7 Reasons I Love the Movie “The Princess Bride”

Ever since Sony mentioned possibly remaking “The Princess Bride”, I’ve been mentally quaking in fear that one of my favorite movies will be ruined. Then Cary Elwes tweeted about it with a classic reference, and I can die happy now. I have been scrambling, studying for tests and midterms and projects, but when the scramble is over, I’m going to celebrate by watching my favorite movie.

Here are 7 reasons “The Princess Bride” is the best. 

  1. Characters 

Honestly, I could pull at least five individual reasons I love this movie from the cast and characters. Westley, Inigo Montoya, Vizzini… the list goes on. They are just so freakin’ lovable and funny and perfectly dramatic. 

  1. Fezzick 

Fezzick gets his own reason because he is a giant and a teddy bear and a cinnamon roll and he wrestles and climbs and says rhymes and I love him. That is all. 


There is SO MUCH material from this film that you can slip into everyday conversation. Some goodies: 


“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” 

“You’ve been mostly dead all day.” 

“You’re just saying that because no one ever has.” 

“As you wish.” 

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” 

Honestly, the whole movie is quotable. Is there a contest for people who can quote entire movies? 

  1. Witty banter 

This movie is where i get at least 50% of my sass and definitely a good chunk of my spunk. Vizzini and Westley’s battle of wits and every single fight scene is absolutely classic; the dialogue is snarky and the epitome of verbal sparring without getting downright nasty, which is hard to do. The scene in which Westley is climbing the cliff and Inigo is losing patience to fight him make me giggle every time. 

  1. “As you wish” 

This quote has been my favorite quote since I was probably 7 years old. I want it on my birthday cakes, I want it on my wedding cake, heck, if my future boyfriend/husband doesn’t say this to me at least 3 times a week we are going to have serious issues. These three little words are the most romantic ones I know. 

  1. Perfect mix of genres 

I personally love the mix of comedy, action, and romance. I know that it’s not for everyone, but sometimes I like my comedy a little dark and my romance to shine bright for no “real world” scientific reason. 

  1. Two words: sword fights 

The sword fights are EPIC. Wesley and Inigo’s sword fight on the Cliffs of Insanity is my favorite. The filmography and sound effects pull me in every time. The characters’ polite discussions about technique, their sportsmanship, and their little tricks to make the fight more of a challenge are the kind of art I strive to create in my writing. 

I honestly could not think of any reason not to like this movie, so why try any harder? If y’all are in the mood for a classic movie with giants, torture, and a happy ending, grab a snack and watch this flick. I’m going to in about… 17 hours.