4 Spring Break Stay-cation Ideas

I can hardly believe it, but spring break is approaching! I know people who are planning beach trips and family vacations and I know people who want to just curl up in bed and forget that the outside world exists. Me? I’m somewhere in the middle. I’d like a nice family trip to a mountain cabin with my hammock and a fishing pole, but I’d also like to stay home and have a Jane Austen movie marathon. Or binge-read (is that a thing?) some Stephen King novels. I don’t know for sure yet what is happening, but I am sharing a list of things I want to do while I have time, y’know, not doing homework. 


  1. Read a book not on any of my syllabi. As an English major, I read a lot. Like, a lot. Luckily, I enjoy it, but sometimes I want to read just for myself and not for class. So, I am going to read a full-length book, either that I haven’t read for at least two years or that I’ve never read before. I’m really excited for that. 

  2. Try a new recipe. I love to bake. It’s my favorite therapeutic activity. I make the birthday cakes for my family whenever I can, usually with a theme thanks to what I learn from Cake Boss and Pinterest. I have our collective favorite cookie recipes memorized. I can make bread, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cakes… Name it, and I’ll bake it. I even learned to make frosting! (Homemade cream cheese frosting is freaking addictive.) I want to learn how to make a new thing this semester, even if I turn out to be bad at it. It’ll still be fun! 

  3. Exercise. My crazy schedule is my primary excuse to not exercise, but the thing is that I actually enjoy exercising most of the time! With school out, and the majority of the crazy paused on my schedule, I am going to implement the habit once and for all. 

  4. Really organize my desk. I keep organizing my desk in a hurry, not for real real. I need to sit down with it for a couple of hours and sort through every single thing on it. If you have a space or surface that should be functional but keeps getting full of your overflow from whatever, I highly recommend you put it on your schedule. 

You guys. I’m so freakin’ excited!