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Why You Should Change-up Your Space

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.

The phrase, “Humans are creatures of habit” sometimes discounts the innate creativity of human nature. While establishing a habit can create a sense of comfort for some, it can also hold individuals back in a creativity block. Whether it’s your workspace, bedroom, living room, or kitchen; having the same arrangement of objects or color scheme can become boring and can affect your mind and bodies ability to work at its best.

Sometimes we want to redecorate our living and workspaces but are afraid of the consequences of our changes. We don’t want to feel lost in a place that we claim as our own. What is wonderful, though, is that some changes can be temporary if you allow them to be. Any adjustment made to space can be easily reversed, and keeping this in mind is helpful in welcoming change. Recreating your space can be rejuvenating for the soul and can increase your ability to think more creatively and clearly. A new space can create a new mind.

Not everyone has a keen sense of how to be an interior decorator. That’s completely okay! You should know that your space should reflect your interests, passions, feelings and important aspects that you believe are essential to who you are. If you feel one with a room that projects your persona, then you may end up being that much more comfortable. Here are some tips that have personally helped me figure out how to change up my areas:

Move some furniture around!

From changing the angle of my dresser to pushing my desk closer to the window for light, and even moving my bed to an opposite wall are impactful changes. I even find that I sleep better when my bed is in a different area of the room.

Blank walls are okay!

Contrary to what people may say, sometimes blank walls are calming and quiet the mind. I find that I like to have a space that is somewhere in between relaxing and interpretive. A few of my walls may have posters or images that engage my mind and allow me to think about certain things; while one wall might remain blank for a sense of ease and to prevent a space from seeming too ‘busy’ or ‘loud’.

Add a POP of color!

Sometimes you don’t have to go to the extreme of painting walls, or maybe you are in a place where you aren’t able to. Adding colorful decor can change the mood of a room quite strongly. Bright yellows, blues, and greens are cheery colors that make spaces feel lighter in atmosphere and can have a positive effect on the mind and body. Adding a vase of flowers, a patterned rug, or adding colorful pieces to your desk/workplace are all good examples of ways you can interpret– and easily change out the colorful accents in a space.

Create a theme!

This idea absolutely sounds scarier than it is. Creating a theme for a room can make the search for decor much easier, and can help you practice the skill of creating a cohesive space. From antique, to modern and chic, to beach house vibes– themed rooms can be quite fun and can help you pass any creativity blocks that may be holding you back.

Get more organized!

Let’s be real. Any room can serve aesthetic purposes, but functionality is important! Creating a system of organization can help you leave your anxieties at the door. You’ll be able to identify and know without worry where each of your items is and be able to navigate and use your things with ease. Organizers free up space in rooms as well and allow you to have more area to be yourself. You never know, you might just find that you have a hidden passion for making labels for your things.

Create a playlist that matches the aesthetic/theme of your space!

This idea isn’t something that we usually think about. Much like our internal feelings, a good playlist can enhance the mood of your room. A groovy, chill playlist can help you sink into the vibe of your place. An upbeat pop playlist can add more energy to the room, and might even make the colors of your space dance in tune. Playing music out loud in your room changes the way you perceive the space.

Hi! I am a Wells College Sophmore, Majoring in History. I am a member of the Wells HerCampus Chapter, and the Woman's Resource Center (WRC). Understanding what being a woman means and empowering females around me is incredibly important to me. I love being a part of something greater, and I hope that I can impress thought provoking insights on different aspects of being a Woman in today's world.
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