Why Valentine's Day is My Favorite Holiday

 Valentine’s Day was last week, and it is my favorite holiday. There, I said it. Before you all bring out buckets and garbage cans to throw your disgust in, let me explain why. Many people see it as a commercialized holiday meant only for people who qualify for the couple’s special at some fancy restaurant. However, I see it as a day to express love for those around you, in any way you choose. I enjoy the holiday because even something as simple as a homemade card in the shape of a heart qualifies as celebrating. To go any further is your choice. 

    In addition to its simplicity, I love the holiday’s theme. Red and pink hearts and cupids popping up in the dead of winter brightens my day. Winter is so cold, gray, and ugly. Pink and red are bright colors that can make any room feel warm and festive. In addition to the decorations, it is another excuse for people to dress up their pets in another ridiculous holiday-themed outfit. (As I know we all love to do.)

             Perhaps one of the biggest reasons I love Valentine’s Day is the candy. Can we talk about the amount of sugar being passed around on this holiday? For weeks on end there’s donuts, special cocoa, coffee, cookies, and tooooons of candy being given out in celebration of the holiday! Don’t have anyone in your life to buy you candy? Go to the store and buy a 3 dollar box of truffles for yourself! Sugar is sugar, and little boxes of truffles on sale are amazing no matter who gives them to you. 

    A third reason I love Valentine’s Day are the valentines themselves. I understand as we get older we begin to think valentines are a bit childish. However, I am not one of those people. I love valentines. I’m not talking about a store-bought card (although those are cool too). I’m talking about the crafty ones you find on Pinterest, or the somewhat corny ones we gave out when we were younger. Guess what, they’re still fun! Adults like them too, whether they admit it or not. The best part is they are usually paired with candy!

    The biggest reason Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday is the love I feel on that day. I feel this love every day, but this day makes me a little more aware. I have such amazing people in my life I care for deeply, and I know they care for me. I am extremely lucky to have them. I do not need a holiday to feel this, but it is nice to have a holiday that celebrates it! Whether it is just giving out a homemade card, or making a big splash, Valentine’s Day will always be my favorite holiday.