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Why Every College Needs a Women’s Resource Center

I am not sure how other college’s work around the United States, but at Wells College, we have a resource center dedicated to educating, uplifting and creating a unique support system of women on campus. As a former all-women’s institution Wells has always had a strong ‘sisterhood’, however after becoming co-Ed, Wells women have fought to maintain a sisterhood cohort on our small campus, hence the Women’s Resource Center was born.

The Women’s Resource Center is a safe space for any individual identifying as a woman to be surrounded by other strong women to share our experiences as modern women. More importantly as millennial women, we address many issues that challenge women’s rights (ahem, attack on birth control and reproductive rights). Now more than ever, women need to band together creating a strong community of unbreakable bonds. Women’s rights are human rights and the world needs to hear it.

For me, going from an all-girls high school to a former all-women’s institution was an important decision in my life thus far because I have learned how important it is to make connections with women throughout my life. Meeting women at college through the Women’s Resource Center motivates me to help make changes in public policies, nationally and internationally in my future career. Simply being surrounded by women who have a drive to make their mark on the world in whichever field they choose has motivated me in so many ways. And nothing beats a woman with ambition.

Darielis Rivas, a Wellsian junior majoring in Sociology and Anthropology says “Women deserve to feel comfortable asking questions that can help them with life’s problems that they may be dealing with. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) at Wells has helped me to learn about, appreciate, respect and love my body and other girls’ bodies more than I ever have before. These centers could even help facilitate discussions based on consent and assault which is incredibly important especially in the society that we are currently living in. It allows young girls to transform into women with the love and support from other girls and women. I definitely feel a sense of camaraderie when I step into the WRC because I know that I am not alone.”

Any college woman can step into the Women’s Resource Center and walk out feeling more empowered to take on obstacles they may have had. This non-judgemental space allows college women to feel like ‘sisterhood’ at Wells has been re-established. It’s important that other colleges and universities follow suit to help maintain the values of Women’s rights and show young college women that they are being supported. The Women’s Resource Center will always be a safe space for Wellsian women and other college women should have a safe space to call home on campus as well.

Headshot Photo by Elias de Carvalho

Jahasia Cooper graduated from Wells College with a BA in International Cultures and a minor in Communications Studies. Her favorite dessert is anything strawberry-flavored or with caramel and her kryptonite is natural hair products! You can catch her binge-watching Rick & Morty or at The Grind for her daily cup of joe!
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