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Why Emergen-C has Been Saving My Midterms

The seemingly never-ending Wells Plague™ has been circulating our campus for over a month now…and we’re tired of it. We have been coughing our guts out and sweating out the fevers. It happens so quickly- the girl behind you in class coughs one too many times and then you find yourself touching the doorknob right after her on the way out. Next thing you know, you’re cooped up in bed, two days worth of Motrin deep, with a pile of tissues surrounding you. What now!? 

This is where Her Campus survival kits come into play. Get your hands on the Emergen-C that comes in the package and start soaking up those vitamins. I’ve been chewing that Extra gum, using the Garnier hair care products, and applying that Mary Kay moisturizer…but this Emergen-C is the real goodie. The caffeine is naturally derived from green tea and coffee fruit, so I always feel pumped and ready to tackle the day. Along with the packets, I’ve been loving the energy shots too. These little boosts of nutrients are so useful throughout the week.

 My favorite flavor has been the Orange one, but the berry one is a close second. 

Go get your hands on some Emergen-C and let us know what you think!

Hannah attends Wells College as an Inclusive Childhood Education major with psychology and gender studies minors. Through her pieces she writes, she hopes to encourage inclusivity for all genders through a feminist lens.
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