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DISCLAIMER: Do not let this article scare you, these are just some of the things that I experienced when I stopped taking the pill. Everyone’s body is different, therefore, you may not experience some of these, or any of them for that matter ;).

Welcome back collegiettes to the second installment of The Birth Control Chronicles. When I started taking birth control, I was (slightly) aware of some of the side effects that would take place after a couple of weeks of taking the pill. However, I completely skipped over researching into the side effects that would take a toll on my mind and body, should I ever decide to stop taking the pill. Here’s what I have experienced:

1) Nausea

Experiencing nausea sucks. However, I did not realize that after I stopped taking the pill that my body would continue the cycle of intermittent nausea throughout my cycle. Granted, I don’t get as nauseous as I did when I was on the pill. But unfortunately, as my body regulates to being off of hormones, it is still taking a while for the side effects of being on the pill to subside.

2) Irregular Periods

If you are taking hormonal birth control, chances are your period will become super regular. When I was on the pill, I knew exactly when I would get my “period” (which is technically just withdrawal bleeding) down to the day, which was a blessing because before taking hormonal birth control, I had an irregular period. Now that I have stopped taking the pill, my body has gone back to it’s “irregular period”, however, as I have changed my diet and have been working to improve my mental health, I have noticed that my cycle is becoming more regular without the help of hormones.

3) Acne

While I was researching the side effects of stopping the pill, I came across acne. At this point, I was too deep into the hormonal birth control game to avoid this stage of the lack of unnatural hormones that my body was receiving for months. So, I stuck it out and my face ended up looking like the bottom of a crunch bar. But, fear not, make sure you are balancing out your body’s way of expelling the hormones by drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep when you can. Oh and a face mask never hurt anyone!

4) Irregular Diet

Along with the countless other irregularities that I mentioned so far after stopping the pill, my diet became irregular as well! One day I wanted to eat every meal in sight and the next I would have a salad and would feel full the rest of the day. If this is something that you are experiencing, make sure that you are eating a balanced diet, I cannot stress this enough. Your body will be going through a lot of changes after you stop the pill and needs you to support it by eating healthy and balanced meals throughout the day as well as drinking plenty of water.

5) Mood Swings/Depression

I’ve mentioned in the first article of The Birth Control Chronicles that I experienced mood swings and depression while on the pill. Turns out that doesn’t magically go away when you stop the pill. However, I will say that I am definitely having fewer episodes of depression and mood swings now that I am off the pill.  I balance the mood swings and depression with yoga, meditation, eating healthy and taking moments out of my day, every day, to practice self-care.


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Jahasia Cooper graduated from Wells College with a BA in International Cultures and a minor in Communications Studies. Her favorite dessert is anything strawberry-flavored or with caramel and her kryptonite is natural hair products! You can catch her binge-watching Rick & Morty or at The Grind for her daily cup of joe!
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