What Does Women’s Empowerment Mean to You?: Empowering Women

For this article, I contacted different women and asked them what women’s empowerment meant to them, here are only some of the answers I received. I hope this brings you a hope for a future of equality and justice:




“Women empowerment to me means equality, to be able to have the same freedom as others, to make our own choices and have the opportunity for choice without any restraints or judgment." - Maria



“Women empowerment to me means being confident in yourself, your beliefs and your values.” -Yashaly



“To me, women empowerment is having the ability to choose, and not because someone gave permission but because being apart of the world we deserve that.”- Amanda

“Being able to do anything a man can do....but better.”- Bri



“Empowerment for me means being able to move beyond labels and to know what I’m doing what’s right for myself and being supported in that." -Kaylen   “To me, women empowerment is about egalitarianism and justice, the shifting of “power,” the rejection of patriarchy and systematic female oppression resulting from toxic masculinity and generational stereotypes. Women empowerment means the celebration of all women and the rejection of standards prescribed on false ideals of femininity. It's also about unity and community activism and advocacy.” -Maddie


“I think women's empowerment is using your superpower of womanhood to be a driving force in the world, and not having to keep on proving yourself to others that you are capable of great things. Just by being a woman you already have the tools you need to accomplish your goals." - Therese


“Women empowerment is having the ability to use your voice and take action to your womanhood. Being a woman is beautiful because you have the ability to give life, have the honor to be a mother and create a foundation of motherhood with other mothers. The nature of being a woman is gravitationally powerful.” - Charlie