For Valentine's Day my Lover Gave me Bruises

For Valentine’s Day, my lover gave me bruises.

Not just any kind though,

He said they were made with all the love in his heart.

Haven't you ever heard of your grandmother’s secret cookie ingredient?


And that's surely what I felt.

I’m overjoyed that he remembered to give me something

On such a special day.


For Valentine’s Day, my lover gave me a busted lip.

It doesn’t fit my face that well, but he says I still look amazing anyway.

And hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

How lucky am I to have such a thoughtful partner

Who takes time out of his tightly packed schedule

To bless me with such dazzling gifts.


For Valentine’s Day my lover gave me a fractured rib.

On our first date, I told him about my asthma.

I wish I could express to him how grateful I am

To have someone who cares for me so much

That they remember exactly where my emergency inhaler is.

Although, I had to give him a little hint while he was rubbing away the pain in my chest.

My silly, forgetful sweetheart.


For Valentine’s Day my lover called me a bitch.

We’ve created such cute pet names for one another.

I call him babe, lovebug, darling, and honey.

He calls me a whore, ignorant, fat and hideous.

The neighbors must be so jealous of how close we are.

He truly is my best friend.


For Valentine’s Day my lover gave me a broken wrist.

Oh! How it glimmers when you hold it just right in the light.

It’s extravagant and expensive, and more than anything I’ve ever been able to give to him.

He said the brilliance though, is incomparable to the beaming radiance of my soul.

I’m so blessed to have a beloved that spoils me.


For Valentine’s Day my lover killed me.

He said he noticed how tired I have been lately

When I come home from work to make his steak with no vegetables,

And to clean up the beer he spilled on the carpet that my mother gave me,

And to iron his favorite work shirt while our air conditioning is broken.

He thought I could use the extra rest.

He said he would take care of everything for me while I relaxed.

He truly went above and beyond for me

On this incredibly special and memorable day.

I’m so fortunate to have such a great lover.

I hope one day I can give him

As much as he gives to me.