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Valentine Gifts for You and Your Furry Friend



Because of lockdowns, quarantine, and isolation during the ongoing pandemic, we’ve all been spending a lot more time with our furry friends this year. To help celebrate this unusual Valentine’s, here’s some gifts for you and your furry companions.


Friendship Collar

If your best friend has four legs and fur, then traditional friendship bracelets may not be for you. Instead browse Friendship Collar’s website to see the matching collar/bracelet combo you can buy for you and your pet. You can also get a leash that matches your set and charms for your pet’s collar and your bracelet.


Hands Free Leash

If your furry friend is your go-to companion for all things outdoors, then this may be the leash for you. This hands free leash from Chewy makes hiking, running, and even walking with your pet an easier experience. This leash has a bungee that allows it to extend even further if your dog pulls or sees something it wants to chase.


Lick Mat

If bathtime is a struggle for your furry friend, then I would suggest getting a lick mat. Simply spread peanut butter on it and put it in the shower where your pet can reach while you bathe them. Using the lick mat means it takes longer for your furry pal to eat all the peanut butter, keeping them distracted and not anxious to be taking a bath.


Snuffle Mat

There are tons of dog enrichment toys out there, but snuffle mats are simple toys meant to exercise your pet’s foraging skills. Simply hide treats or food in the mat and your pet will be busy sniffing it out for the next hour or so. This one is even portable and has little pockets for treats as well as fabric grass for your pet to snuffle through.


Pet Ice Cream

If you don’t want your pup to miss out when you eat sweet treats, then try pet friendly ice cream. I got my furry friends Hoggin’ Dogs for Christmas and they loved it! Simply mix the powder with water and freeze and it’s ready for your pets. There’s also a lot of flavors for you to pick from.


2-in-1 Tearable Plush Toy

If your pet loves plush toys, but tears through them like nothing, then try looking for 2-in-1 tearable push toys. These toys are designed to be ripped open because on the inside is another plush toy, that actually has one final hard toy inside. There are designs like Consuela the Cactus, Monsieur Acorn, and Penny the Pineapple.


If you’re struggling with plans for this Valentine’s, remember celebrating in with those closest to you is the safest option. Thoughtful gifts for your furry friends will surely let them know how much you love them!

Amy Storti

Wells '21

Wells College Class of 2021 English Literature Major