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Top 10 Underrated Snapchat Stories to Subscribe To

If you’re like me you probably waste a good amount of time on Snapchat. Once I go through all of my friends’ stories, I check out the usual stories from Snapchat. I like to watch all of the popular ones like Cosmo, Refinery29, and Buzzfeed first and then I move on to the more obscure stories. So to help you spend even more time on Snapchat, here are 10 underrated Snapchat stories worth subscribing to.


1.  Solve

Solve posts murder mysteries that are like mini TV shows. You get the story, all the evidence, and even statements from the suspects before you get to vote on who you think did it. Then you get the whole story at the end and find out who actually did it. The Solve mysteries are also cool because they’re usually based on true events.


2.  Phone Swap

Phone Swap is basically a dating show where the contestants go on a blind date and then have to switch phones with each other. Then, we get to see strangers go through each others phones and ask each other about any of it. At the end, the contestants decide whether they want a second date or not.


3.  People Are Awesome

You might recognize People Are Awesome from Youtube which are videos of people doing like flips and other cool stuff. Now there’s a Snapchat story dedicated to all the cool shit people can do. Usually, it’ a video of someone doing something really cool, then someone else trying to do the same thing, but failing.


4.  So Satisfying

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen satisfying videos on the internet, Snapchat just makes finding and viewing them so much easier. From soap-cutting videos to people playing with glitter slime, satisfying videos are mesmerizing to watch.


5.  Art Insider

Art Insider highlights professional artists making their work and demonstrating their process. The featured artists here usually have unique fields of art or new creative takes on old practises. All the art featured is mesmerizing to watch while it’s being created.


6.  Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This is a cartoon mini series that outlines a problem or a riddle you have to solve. After seeing the whole story, you get to vote on what you think the solution is. After you get the answer, you immediately get another riddle that connects to the same storyline as the first. There are usually 3-4 mind-bending riddles per episode.


7.  Tattoo Tours

Ever wondered why your favorite celebrity got that tattoo? Tattoo Tours showcases your favorite celebrities such as 5 Seconds of Summer and Justin Bieber showing off their tattoos and explaining the meaning behind them.


8.  The Dodo

Do you love dogs? Do you love cats? Animals? Then you need to subscribe to The Dodo, a Snapchat story that focuses on animal-related news. From miracle stories to animals up for adoption right now, the Dodo fills all your animal related needs.


9.  YouTuber News

If you like to keep up with Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, and other youtubers, then you should watch Youtuber News. You can get all the updates about the latest videos and youtuber gossip without having to watch them all first.


10.  Crafty

If you’re a fan of Pinterest crafts, then I suggest watching Crafty. Crafty shows you how to do cute little DIY crafts. From cute marble coasters to drinking games you can make yourself, Crafty is the perfect place to find creative yet achievable ideas.


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