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Taste is something that I only know

within limits

Fuel without pleasure

bounded by boundaries

Bland flavors keep me grounded in 

getting by


But what is getting by without taste?

How can one become fully nourished without flavor?

What does pleasure taste like?


I can only imagine that it tastes as rich

as a spoonful of peanut butter

Or as sweet as the handful of jellybeans, in which

your hunger grew stronger in the time you spent

fumbling with the funky jar lid 

that kept you from them


Pleasure is softer than her lips

almost too delicate to touch

the recipe feels only comforting

when you know the security it brings you


Starving for something more

but you don’t know what that is

empty taste buds 

full of regrets

are only a reminder 

of what you have yet to taste



  Kaylen, a Campus Correspondent for HC at Wells, is a senior at Wells College studying Women's and Gender Studies and Psychology.  "Like Ivy, we grew where there was room for us"-Miranda July
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