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Talking with Your Partner about Birth Control Options

When I first brought up that I was looking into birth control with my partner, I was super nervous and super overwhelmed. Not only was I nervous about talking about taking birth control, but I was under so much pressure because of the countless options that women have when it comes to birth control.

I was surprised yet relieved to learn that not only was my partner supportive in talking about my options, but he also helped me to research my options and encouraged me to visit my doctor to make sure I made the right decision.

Here are some tips that I have if you’re ready to take the next step with your significant other:

  1. Be honest about methods that won’t work for you – There’s no need in pretending to suggest a method that you know you won’t be comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable with a t-shaped device being inserted into your vagina, talk to your partner about that. This is the best time to lay out your opinions about your options.

  2. Be mature – At this point, this is probably your first step in adulting and there’s no room for beating around the bush (pun intended). This conversation involves a change that you’ll be making to your body, so you need to make the most informed decision possible.

  3. Financing – Sometimes, if your insurance doesn’t cover the birth control method you decide to go for, you might want to talk with your partner because birth control isn’t cheap. Certain methods of birth control can range from $0-$1,300. That’s a hefty financial burden to take on for one person, so it’ll be worth your while to discuss this with your partner.

  4. Emotional Support – If you decide to go with a birth control method that involves a surgical procedure, it can be reassuring to have your significant other with you to ease your nerves. Or if the birth control option doesn’t involve a surgical procedure, it could help to talk to your partner about some side effects that could occur such as mood swings, low sex drive, spotting, and even depression.

Don’t be afraid to open up to your partner when discussing various birth control options, not only does this help you to narrow down your options and get a second opinion, but it also brings you and your partner closer as this is something that affects your sexual relationship. Embrace it!

Jahasia Cooper graduated from Wells College with a BA in International Cultures and a minor in Communications Studies. Her favorite dessert is anything strawberry-flavored or with caramel and her kryptonite is natural hair products! You can catch her binge-watching Rick & Morty or at The Grind for her daily cup of joe!
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