I count down backward from five 

As the door opens, I try to prepare for what’s ahead 

The bitter cold wraps around me like a snake.

There’s no escaping it, 

Summer’s gone. 


The moonlight is guiding me to where I need to go 

But I can’t take my eyes off her. 

She looks extra beautiful tonight as her light pours onto the snow. 


The snow sparkles, so fresh, that it’s calling out to me. 

I have to fight the urge to fall to the ground and make snow angels. 


Soon the ground will be completely covered in thick banks of snow. 

People will walk briskly with their hands stuffed in the pockets, trying to grasp onto that last bit of warmth. 


That last bit of warmth is what gets me by in the mornings. 

I know I have to leave my bed to get to class, but please, just five more minutes. 

That’s all I need, five more minutes of warmth, happiness, 

then I can grumpily push myself into the rest of my day.