The Queer Community We Don't See Enough Of

People have historically separated people of color from the LGBTQ+ community movement and fight. The Stonewall riot/uprising included trans, bisexual, gay and lesbian people of color. However, when it came to the demonstrations after and the representation, it turned into a movement for high class, white gay males. The media and people within the movement felt that race was a different fight and separate from LGBTQ+ rights because it would be "too hard" to fight race and sexuality. Even though there are individuals where this is their existence (fighting both and even more). They are dealing with their identities as multifaceted and not single issues.  

Today, people are still fighting the lack of diversity and inclusion within LQBTQ+ rights and movement. There is a general lack of representation and support for people of color who identify within the LGBTQ+ community. There have been efforts made from people on the grassroots level in order to solidify more support, as well as raise awareness about the racism, sexism, classism and ableism that exists within the LGBTQ+ movement. How can we create a community that deals with these intersecting issues? How can we raise awareness and representation? 

There are websites/efforts such as Queer the Land to raise awareness and gather collaborative support. People speak of their experiences and narratives as well as fundraise to support a collective group of queer, trans, black and indigenous people for justice. 

I don’t think we see enough queer love in general and especially for people of color. Here are some photos from Queer Love in Color by Jamal Jordan.


We can also, listen to the stories and music from queer artists such as Frank Ocean, Janelle Monáe and Hailey Kiyoko. Unfortunately, these artists typically do not get the same amount of attention and radio play. However, they still continue to make music for the world to enjoy by being queer and people of color. Their music tells a story and each individual (because of their platform) has spoken up and out about being queer in the industry and this world.  

We can learn a lot from certain experiences and ways of living/existing. Queer people of color have a story to tell, things to share, teach, love and paint for the rest of the world.