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polaroid pictures of friends
polaroid pictures of friends
Original photo by Emily Nelissen
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Purple Paint with The Gold On Top

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.



Around a year ago today was the first time my fellow classmates saw me wandering around campus head to toe coated with purple and gold. It was the middle of my first month on campus and also the middle of the season for my favorite tradition here at Wells – Odd/Even. The tradition that convinced me that being a Wellsian was everything that I wanted to do with my education, the tradition that introduced me to some of the best role models I could ever have, the tradition that helped me to get a start on campus as the happy person I am. 


The tradition that gave me 10 of my bestest friends in the entire world.


From the first step in the door to tryouts, looking at each other and a silent discussion with eye contact that led to a “This Shit is The Oddline,” to twinning in matching flannel and telling the Evens that we were going to steal their kneecaps, my best friends are Silent But Violent. 


From dominating the court with both spirit and fascination with the game, to having our ‘Oddwin’ and ‘Oddwina’ stuffed captain bears high five as we talk about silly things while eating breakfast at the best bagel store around, My best friends are fans of Garlic Hummus.


From taking an adventure to Walmart to hunt in the ravenous tundra for purple and gold gifts for our coaches and song mamas as well as the judges, to teaching me how powerful a full face of Purple and Gold (AND GLITTER) could be when facing off against some Evens, my best friends can have BitchFace JR.


From singing songs in our dorms kitchen as we make another batch of muffins or cookies or any baked good imaginable, to giving some of the warmest hugs and messages of love and support to me that I’ve ever received, my best friends remind people of good people like Henrietta 2.0.


From long tired nights painting water bottles and signs to show love and support for our Judges and Coaches and Song Mamas, to Short Buddies Uniting to sleep on a pool table in a completely different dorm than our own, my best friends have the energy to be a Spark Plug.


From silent looks of horror over having to wake up and be in class, Wells 100 for that matter, at 8am on a Monday, to coming up with some of the smartest and best ideas I’ve ever heard of in any and everything, my best friends can be happily Single ;).

From singing so hard and powerful that you get sick not only once, but twice in the same month from the love you have for your odds, to your minute of fame in the basketball game giving folks the much needed water break (Thanks for that love), my best friends can always Bounce Back.


From going against the Blue and Green blood that paved your family’s history to show that Odds truly are gods, to helping to dye my hair purple to the tune of ‘Hot Shower’ in our dorm bathroom as we prepare for the sing off, my best friends are proud of being a Recruit.


From discovering the cool hidden spots on campus where we find abandoned mugs and other questionable things, to being my favorite oddline therapy attende- along with your 27 water bottles, my best friends really know how to Plank.


From always knowing what to do and how to help people learn even the toughest of sing-off songs and dance moves, to our now weekly Taco Bell stops and memories of decorating the dining hall until three in the morning, my best friends are as graceful as a Gazelle.


In the past, I’ve been known to be really good at expressing my love and appreciation for my best friends, but I have never really been good at receiving that back. I used to think I wasn’t deserving of being someone who is needed, but every single one of my best friends on this list have proved to me again and again that I matter too, and I never knew how much I needed that. This Odd/Even season is going to be different than everyone before and everyone that comes after. But I have my best friends by my side no matter what, because


 Oddline until we Flatline.

Hey it's Nash! ╭☞( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞