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Dearest Reader, 

Take a few deep breaths. Breath in the shorter days and blow out the longer nights. Find some private soft corner to sit in. Roll your ankles out. Breath again. 

Select one of these words, Autumnal, Specter, Hearth, or Hallowed, that draws you in and brings the energy in your collarbones up – like a little bit of crisp cold-weather optimism. Find the coordinated reading, and may your October be blessed. 

– BrierMae 

Autumnal: Justice

Cause and Effect

Are you making decisions that may have long-term repercussions? This card is an invitation to hold yourself accountable to higher standards. Look ahead when making decisions and set yourself up for the well-being you deserve. This card may inspire you to advocate for yourself in medical or academic spaces. Consider doing extra-credit work you’ve been putting off, or seeking additional mental health support as winter draws in. 

Specter: The Moon

The Subconscious 

It’s time to do some shadow work. Does October feel particularly haunted this year? Maybe you have a relationship with red flags you’ve been trying to ignore. It might be between you and a friend, a family member, or something more complicated like your moral values or identity components. Look at the webs you’ve woven for yourself and make sure you haven’t trapped yourself in negativity. Consider journaling and writing honest letters to your loved ones. 

Hearth: The Magician


Don’t hold back! Whatever project you’ve been circling – it’s time to commit and make it happen. Maybe you’ve been observing an inspiring person or collective; now it’s time to invite yourself into the magic and participate. You have more resources to bring with you than you know. Consider showing up to a new club or taking up the initiative to plan events in a group you are already in. 

Hallowed: The Wheel of Fortune 


The world outside is changing rapidly. What core values will keep you steady? Maybe now is the time to inspect your spiritual life or re-engage in your support system. Look around and establish the cardinal points of what you believe in, remembering that yourself is in the middle. If you’ve been having self-doubt, now is the time to shake it off. Consider reaching out to long-distance friends and spending time looking through old journals or photo albums. 

BrierMae is an English, Creative Writing Major. They are a femme force of action and food enthusiast. They are invested in caring for their community through writing, conversation, and as many cups of tea you can drink.
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