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My Favorite Queen Songs That Have Never Played on the Radio

At this point, it’s almost undeniable that Queen is one of the most popular bands of all time. Even if you don’t know anything about the band, you have most definitely heard one of their songs. I’ve personally listened to Queen’s entire discography and enjoyed it thoroughly, so today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Queen songs, ones that don’t get nearly as much recognition or airtime as they deserve. 

#10: Tie Your Mother Down- We love a song about sneaking behind your parent’s back. This song from Queen’s Day at the Races album has fun rifts, and a bouncy, early rock and roll feel that just makes it fun to listen to and even more fun to sing while you dance around the house. 

#9: Seaside Rendezvous-This is one of what I call Queen’s “dandy” songs. Meant to sound like a ragtime song straight out of the 1930s, this song sounds like something a proper gentleman would listen to on his way to a beach date and was also performed entirely acapella, including the tap-dancing (thimbles on Roger Taylor’s fingers) and kazoo sounds. Also, I just can’t resist Freddie’s little “Give us a kiss” at the end. 

#8: Let Me Entertain You- This song is excellent for pre-performance energy. It’s a song all about what great performers the band are, and even though that sounds boastful, I think they’re justified. It’s quick and lively and gets you hyped up, as I definitely recommend listening to this before you take the stage. 

#7: Nevermore- This gem from Queen’s second album is one of their first ballads, and although it’s short and simple, it’s nice to hear a young Freddie’s voice singing smoothly. It’s a sweet song about not wanting to be forgotten or scorned, so definitely listen to it if you have the chance. 

#6: Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke- This is one of Queen’s only ecphrastic songs, and it’s so delightfully quirky that it’s definitely worth listening to even if you have no idea what’s going on, as most of us do. Here’s the painting the song is referencing, if it helps. 

#5: March of the Black Queen- I’m convinced this song was an early draft to “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Clocking in at 6:39, this song takes all kinds of turns, and most of them are incredibly dramatic and entertaining. If you have the time, try to seek this one out. 

#4: Long Away- This song was written and performed by Brian May, and it’s a lovely song about not being alone even when you’re far from home. It’s soothing but still lively, and in my opinion, it’s perfect walking music. 

#3: Flick of the Wrist- Queen has a few songs about people they didn’t like, and this was the first. Based on a manager that wronged the band, this song is full of spite, and I’m honestly living for it. It’s certainly a good song to add to an angry playlist. 

#2: All Dead, All Dead- Another ballad, this song was written by Brian May and is one of my favorites despite how depressing it is. At first glance, it seems to be about a lost lover, but a lot of the edge is taken off (or enhanced) when you learn that May wrote this song about his childhood cat. A little sad, but it’s so poignant it’s worth a listen. 

#1: ‘39- Finally, we’ve come to both my favorite Queen song and my favorite song of all time. This folksy song is about a group of astronauts that come home from a mission about 100 years after they were supposed to and follows them as they lament about their lost loved ones. Despite how strange and depressing that sounds, Brian May’s vocals, Roger Taylor’s uncanny falsetto, and the expert acoustic guitar playing makes it so rustic and haunting that I can’t help but fall in love with it, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

Happy listening! 

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