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This past week I had the pleasure of trying out the Mary Kay Naturally line of skincare products. This line of product includes (from left to right) a Mary Kay Naturally Moisturizing Stick, Nourishing Oil, Exfoliating Powder, and a Purifying Cleanser.


Each of these products left my face feeling like it had a new lease on life! I’ll go into detail about the adventure of using each one of these Mary Kay Naturally products!


The Purifying Cleanser

This cleanser comes in a tube-like bottle and it was very lightweight when I put it on my skin. I thought it was odd that it didn’t foam up when I was rubbing it onto my skin, but the feeling of this cleanser was so lightweight I felt like I was just putting lotion on my face. This cleanser left my face feeling super smooth and left a nice refreshing smell. I loved it!


The Exfoliating Powder

This product was the weirdest one of all to try. I’ve never heard of a powder that would exfoliate your face but I was definitely eager to try it! You’re supposed to start off by putting a quarter-sized amount of powder in your hand and mix it with water until it’s the consistency you want. I think I made it a bit too watery but it still worked! I could feel the now watered-down powder working into my skin and scrubbing away impurities and dry skin. The dry skin coming off was visible! Again, after using this product my face felt so smooth and refreshed! My nose is usually filled with blackheads but this Exfoliating Powder took those away. Would definitely use again!


Nourishing Oil

I thought this was the coolest of them all. It comes in a vial with a dropper (like eye drops) and all you have to do is put two to three drops in your hand and then rub it over your face. It smelled amazing and worked wonders on my dry skin! The next day, my face still felt super hydrated. It works even better when you add a few drops to the Exfoliating Powder because then it both exfoliates your face while hydrating it. I definitely recommend!


Moisturizing Stick

This product was hands-down my favorite to use! It’s basically like chapstick but for the rest of your face and body! I constantly suffer from dry skin around my nose and mouth but this Moisturizing Stick took care of that easily! My dry skin around my nose has never felt so comforted even when I was taking prescription moisturizers. This got five out of five stars in my book. It also helped take care of my horrendously dry elbows. My elbows were cracking because they were so dry but now they look like new! And all of this was only after one use!


I was extremely pleased with this line of products. They made me feel good about myself and I looked forward to doing a skincare routine every night. With Mary Kay Naturally, I felt like I was going to a spa every night in my dorm room bathroom. Amazing product!


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