Make 2019 Your Year

Every year we give ourselves the same exhaustive speech about how this year will be different or better- you know the drill. We might even create a list of resolutions that we swear we’ll stick to, whether it’s changing our eating habits, sleep schedule, growing that amazing beard, or changing the bed sheets more often. These are ideally small goals that should be reachable with a little commitment, but whether we realize it or not, so much can happen in the span of one year. Life can be changed in such a short, yet long amount of time, and I think that each year holds its own incredible uniqueness. A simple thought and maybe even common sense, but much deeper than the surface, it’s important to set goals or “resolutions” that will truly make the year YOURS.

The word “goals” seems to have lost its glitter throughout years of watering down its significance. Many people don’t realize that using this word inherently means dedication and in some ways a priority; a promise. When setting goals, it is important to understand that they need to be so significant to your life that you will give yourself to fulfilling them. Often people fail to reach their goals for one reason or another, and this is when regret, anxiety and even anger can consume a large chunk of the year and the way you look back on it too. It can seem quite unnecessary to sit down and create a block of time to which you’ll spend writing out desires you have for the coming year, but in the same token, it is a great time to explore your passions and self-promises that you want to attain. Think of it almost as a final project. In order to pass, you MUST hand it in at the end of the year. Why not work on a project that truly triggers your passions and interests, rather than a mundane topic that you will ultimately put lackluster effort into? Creating goals can be so much like this! Strive to change your life through goals that your heart and mind stand beside.

So now you understand the importance of the goals themselves, but the harder task is understanding what is important enough to YOU to put down on that piece of paper. Rather than goals, from here on we will call them Commitments. What is so significant that you are willing to commit? Look at where you are now! Maybe you are in a certain economic class, maybe you have a pair of jeans that you MUST fit into because they were $30. Maybe, just maybe, you want to go back to college (or even start) because your homemade mac and cheese recipe is just too good to not share with the public. Knowing where you are and what you want for yourself will help you commit to where you will go. Simple enough right? Always keep in mind that commitments are not straight lined; there will be obstacles, detours, and tragedies. It is imperative to keep an open mind and be willing to allow yourself to go into places and situations you never thought you'd be in. Be flexible and versatile, for rigid, close-minded individuals face much harder tasks and character adjustments. Understand that your environment can and will affect your will and determination, so force yourself to see through the fog and always keep that lighthouse in sight. Be conscious of the company you keep as well because not everyone wants to see you succeed. It’s a weird, but unfortunate reality. Surround yourself with a healthy mix of like-minded friends and respectfully opposing viewers. Perspectives hold a power of their own.

Of course above all, remember that failure is sometimes inevitable but wonderful lessons can be learned from it. The great thing about being down is that the only way to go is back up. Dedicate yourself to your commitments and craft a year that is sewn to fit you and your unique self. Cheers to the New Year!