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How to Swerve Winter Break Boredom

It’s the last day of the semester and you turn in your last final. Finally… FREEDOM! Or maybe not? Going back home after the semester can end up making you feel like a caged animal. The first few days can be kinda fun and relaxing; you get to catch up with friends, relax, eat real food– maybe even go out. After a few weeks, the slump hits. You’ve already watched all the seasons of your favorite show and you’ve practically seen every movie on Netflix. The last couple weeks of break can sometimes be too relaxing. Here are some ideas to get you through winter break boredom.

Snow Sledding!

This may not work if you live in a warmer climate, but you’re never too old to sled. Even if you don’t have a sled, you could use a plastic lid from a container. Target sells sleds for under ten dollars. You could even split the cost between friends; it will give you a fun time and you can use it over and over again!

Ice Skating with Friends

I am one of the most uncoordinated people ever but that doesn’t mean I can’t try something new. Skating, in general, can be intimidating but if there’s one place to fall/be clumsy it’s at the rink. A lot of people who go constantly fall and hold onto each other, but that’s the fun of it! Beware of the little kids who might knock you over as they pass because of their speed.

Hookah Lounge

Most people aren’t twenty-one until their junior or senior year. If you are under age but want a place with chill vibes and people similar in age, try seeing if your town has a hookah lounge. You don’t even have to participate in smoking hookah if that’s not your thing. It’s still a place to go to hang out with your friends and listen to some good music. A lot of hookah lounges allow 18-year-olds and that is the convenient part.

Cookie Party (Even for one)

I know it can sound a little childish but who doesn’t love cookies? If you are a baking kinda person, this can be a time to get creative. If you’re not really a baker but love cookies you can still make it happen. I know there’s nothing like a homemade cookie, but there are simpler ways to bake. The cookies that are already in the package just need a baking sheet to go on and a warm oven. Sometimes they can be just as good, or good enough!

Go Thrift Shopping

With many people celebrating the holidays, expenses are high during December. It is best to get the most for your money. You would be surprised what you can find at thrift stores and how much less you can spend on items you need/want.

Paint and Sip (without having to leave your home)

Whether you are of age or not you can still do your own paint and sip. Canvases and paint can be bought at craft stores or even Walmart or Target – it doesn’t have to be expensive to be art. Even if painting isn’t your thing you could color the tons of patterns you can print off the internet. You could even do other crafts like paint your own ornament or make bracelets. The last time you did a craft was probably elementary school, but people appreciate homemade gifts. It can be fun making them especially – if you’re with people you love. Listen to some music, sip some hot chocolate, or maybe even wine, and get creative!

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