Harmonize: Breakaway by Art Garfunkel

  I sit by my windowsill on a rainy day. The room is dimly lit as heat floods in from the radiator. I sip on some tomato soup as I wonder about my future and question my life. This is the new “break from studying.”  Scrolling through my spotify account, I find the perfect album for my mood;  Breakaway, by Art Garfunkel. The soft rock record was released in 1975. Garfunkel’s voice is soothing, like the sound of a violin. It takes the listener from reality and transports them into a soft daydream. It is the perfect album if you find your mind is having trouble releasing the clutter from the day.

             I  have found great comfort in listening to Breakaway during my years in college. The album reminds me of growing up. Songs like “Break Away” and “Waters of March” accurately describe the journey as a tumultuous time that will not last forever. Sometimes it is hard to remember that. Oftentimes, college students get into a funk. They feel as if they are starting over, and are unsure where to begin. The world is a huge place to get lost in. People in their early twenties are doing what they can to maintain stability and achieve their dreams. Everyone is doing their best to get by. They are going through ups and downs, moving between fantasy and reality.  Breakaway encapsulates this period of life. 



Taste Test: The songs to listen to if you do not wish to listen to the whole album

  1. “Break Away:” I believe “Break Away” is a song about someone distancing themselves in a relationship because they need space. Garfunkel fears his girlfriend may leave him for good. However, he assures himself that this will not last forever in the lines “You need a little space and time to break away. It’s not the place you’re going to. It’s just a phase you’re going through.” I think this can be applied to life, in general. I think sometimes we need to get away from life for awhile in order to reevaluate. We must realize everything is just another building block for the next step. Nothing is permanent.


  1. “The Same Old Tears On a New Background:” Stephen Bishop wrote, and at one point sang his own cover of “The Same Old Tears On a New Background.” His version cannot compare to Art Garfunkel’s. However, I appreciate the good writing. The song is about a break up. The melody, and lyrics like, “It’s the same old song with a new melody. But this old candle’s lingering flame is almost gone,” are beautiful. In the song Garfunkel reassures people, as well as himself that he is alright. The dialogue with himself in the song really pulls the listener in. It makes it sound more personal. 



  1. “Waters of March:” I cannot think of a better song to describe a Monday than “Waters of March.”  The song starts out with “A stick, a stone, it’s the end of the road. It’s the rest of a stump, it’s a little alone.” Garfunkel sings this song in a more monotone voice. The song makes you feel as if you are plodding along. School can be a constant cycle of work, eat, sleep. Some days are slower than others. 



  1. “Disney Girls:” “Disney Girls” is a bright spot in the album’s otherwise ‘rainy day’ feel. It drifts into a dream world with lines like “Oh reality. It’s not for me, and it makes me laugh.” It is a simple song, but sweet.