Girl Talk: Feminine Health

College is all about balance, school work, friends, work schedules, and clubs, but what about your health? You need to take care of your body, yes, that also means your beautiful lady parts! Below are some tips and tricks on how to keep you, and your girl, healthy!

  1. 1. To Shave or Not To Shave… 

    This is always a common question among women. You could have no hair, some hair, lots of hair, or even styled hair. No matter what people say, do what YOU’RE comfortable with! The question shouldn’t be, “what do other women do?”, it should be “what makes me feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered?” You don’t need to follow any societal norms to be beautiful. Express yourselves, ladies!

  2. 2. Pretty Panties!

    As sports seasons start again, you’re breaking out the leggings, and the cute new fall-themed panties are coming out, so be sure to make sure you’re taking care of your girl! Be sure to wear cotton underwear frequently, yes, break out those granny panties. Also, make sure you’re leggings aren’t too tight! Change your underwear after practices, games, and anytime you seem to be sweating a lot. Next time you’re at the grocery store, purchase some wipes as well! It will help keep you clean and feeling fresh. 

  3. 3. Infections???

    Yeast Infection season is fast approaching. Make sure to eat some yogurt, take your probiotics, and shower every day! UTI’s are also very prominent at this time (it’s cuffing season <3). A tip to prevent UTI’s: pee after sex!! If you see that UTI’s are still happening frequently, talk to your doctor, there could be underlying issues. Also, don’t forget to drink WATER!

  4. 4. Birth Control and OBGYN’s

    Birth control is one of the most helpful things a woman can take! Irregular periods? Take birth control. Acne? Oh, I take birth control for that! Not ready to have a baby? Birth control! There are so many ways you can take it in today’s society. Talk to your doctor about what is best for you, also ask about the side effects. Some forms may not work for all women and that’s okay! Also, if you haven’t seen a gynecologist and are looking to start engaging in sexual activity, interested in birth control, or are just curious and have some questions about your body, make an appointment! Safe sex is good sex!

  5. 5. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    Talking about safe sex… always make sure you are taking care of yourself when it comes to sex. Be sure to follow the tips from above, but also remember that you are a QUEEN and you deserve to be treated as such. Always protect yourself. Make sure you and your partner are using condoms if that’s what you want. Be open with expectations and what you enjoy. Most importantly, make sure you are being heard. Love your partner AND yourself!



On my final note, if you feel beautiful, then you are doing everything the right way. Always stick to what makes you feel empowered. You know your body better than anyone else, embrace that. I hope these tips helped!