Everything You Need to Know About Prince William’s Cheating Scandal

So if you have any form of social media, you might’ve heard that Prince William is cheating on his wife, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge. Now what we know and what social media has taken as absolute truth are two different things. As of right now, there is no proof of the alleged affair, but here’s what we know:

Kate Wanted to ‘Phase Out’ Seeing Rose Hansbury

Rose Hansbury and her husband, David Cholmondeley, were once friends with the royals, but Rose is now the woman Prince William is accused of sleeping with while Kate was pregnant with their third child. According to the British tabloid, The Sun, Kate told Prince Harry that she wanted to ‘phase out’ seeing Rose. Supposedly, Kate and Rose had a falling out, but Harry still wants to keep their friendship alive with the socially prominent couple.

Giles Coren’s Tweet

Basically, this British reporter tweeted that “everyone knows about the affair.” Coren has since taken down the tweet, but as a well-connected entertainment personality, it’s likely he would know if the rumors were true.

In Touch Publishes the Rumor

Despite the affair having rumored to be public knowledge, almost no media outlets had been covering it. In Touch was the first source to publish the information and made it a cover story. It’s also important that In Touch is an American publication because British media might’ve had trouble publishing this story first. British media is subject to stricter publishing laws than that in America, meaning that even if it was known in England, they might not have been able to publish the information. Several stories published afterward about the scandal reference In Touch’s.

Prince William Threatens Legal Action

The Royal family has not directly addressed this rumor, but Prince William has threatened to take legal action against a publication that published a similar story to that of In Touch’s. According to the Daily Beast, Prince William’s lawyers served a letter to that publication that states the rumors are “false and highly damaging” and “the publication of false speculation in respect of our clients’ private life also constitutes a breach of his privacy.” This comes off as a warning shot from Prince William to the British Media indicating that he won’t tolerate the publication of these rumors as fact.

Why Meghan Markle is, But Shouldn’t be Involved

So it’s no secret that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s wife, is often vilified by the British media. Basically, people are noticing how scrutinizing British media is of Meghan but stays silent on William’s supposed affair. One media outlet tried to actually pin William cheating on Meghan. Yeah, the double standard here seems pretty real.

The People’s Opinion

Everywhere on social media, I’ve seen people condemning Prince William for this scandal. Now, remember that there is no actual evidence as of right now that this affair actually happened, but I’m not sure that really even matters. Because the royal family has refused to address the rumors, people are just coming to their own conclusions, often at William’s expense.

I’m not saying he’s innocent and I’m not saying he’s guilty, but I do think the royal family should say something. The public has already condemned Prince William and it’ll soon be remembered as Prince William's affair, not Prince William’s alleged affair.