Don't Point the Finger at Ariana

We cannot deny that Mac Miller’s death was extremely unexpected and unfortunate. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the headline; I had to check multiple sources. He will forever be remembered for his music and his success in the industry. After his death was reported on Friday, Sept. 7, many people took to social media to blame his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande. This is 100% unfair to do. The argument being made is that soon after their breakup, Miller’s behavior had changed drastically as he was charged with a DUI and a hit and run. I do agree that Mac probably didn’t handle their break up well and made some questionable decisions. Mac Miller was very open about his struggle with substance abuse for years long before his death. He even rapped about it and addressed his death in one of his songs on his 2014 mixtape 'Faces'. He discusses it by rapping “A drug habit like Philip Hoffman will probably put me in a coffin.”

Despite admitting his struggles, some people still strongly believe that Ariana Grande is to blame for his overdose. Regardless of the true reason behind their breakup, if she was unhappy in the relationship, she was under no obligation to stay. It also did not help when TMZ, who broke the news of Miller’s death, addressed Miller’s overdose “in the wake of his breakup with Ariana Grande” in their article. Whether it was intentional or not, the media has a way of reporting news that can make the public react in unreasonable ways. The harsh comments and threats that Ariana Grande was receiving resulted in her disabling the comments on her Instagram.

Breakups are hard, trust me I know, but they are a part of life. Mac Miller did not die of a broken heart though. People do not die from getting their heart broken. People die from depression, addiction, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. People do not die at the end of a relationship and supporting the belief that they do, only serves to keep people in dangerous, unhealthy, and destructive relationships. The root of this issue doesn't concern Ariana Grande at all. The real issue at hand is substance abuse. Drug addiction is alive and well, unfortunately. It is super unfair to point fingers at someone who is also mourning his death. It’s important to educate ourselves on substance abuse, on how complex the struggle is, and how it doesn’t only affect the person abusing the substance.