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To-Do Lists Could Save Your College Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.

To-Do Lists are probably one of the greatest inventions ever thought of. They break down your day into bite-size pieces so you don’t feel quite so overwhelmed with everything. These lists also help you feel like you’re actually getting things done. 


I mean, who wouldn’t find it satisfying to check off that little box? 


By writing a To-Do List on a daily basis, it’ll help you stay on top of your personal and academic life. It helps to write down every assignment and meeting you have to do that day. By physically seeing it, the To-Do List reminds you to keep up the good work and get things done.


Nothing feels better than checking off box after box.


And don’t think you just have to write the big things on your To-Do List, sometimes I even add in “take a shower” or “read a poem” as little things that will make me feel like I’m doing something to take care of myself too. 


By adding self-care into your To-Do List, you still feel like you’re being productive even though you’re also taking care of yourself and relaxing. 


Even though I love hand-writing my To-Do Lists on special To-Do List paper (that comes with pre-printed lines and boxes, they’re so cute!), there are plenty of apps you can get on your phone to help you keep on top of everything too! Even including reminders and inspiring quotes! 


 If you’re old fashioned like me or you use an app, I seriously suggest that you start using To-Do Lists. They can really help you to stay on top of your school-work and include something for yourself on there too.


If you’re feeling like you’re drowning in too much work or finding that there is too much to do in a day, try writing a To-Do List and see what that does for you.


My name is Parker Howell. I love to spend my time writing (mostly poetry) and cuddling with my cat when he's not biting me. I'm majoring in Creative Writing at Wells College so writing is a major influence in my life. I love cacti, corgis, and chai tea.
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