Dear Coffee (How to Make Whipped Coffee)

The past couple of weeks have been really, really hard. There’s a lot of hurting and my heart aches for everyone around me. I just want to take all their pain away, you know? But it's times like these when I like to remind myself of the things I love. 

And I really love coffee.

But, you see, I don’t have a coffee maker at home. So I usually go to Starbucks for a cup (when I’m home) or the Grind (when I’m on campus). And right now, being in quarantine and all makes me MISS IT SO MUCH. Some may think I drink coffee as a way to wake my sleepy butt up (true) and that I need it as a motivator to get through the rest of the day (also true), but there are other reasons why I drink coffee. 



The process of GOING to get it just makes my day 10000% brighter. I love asking my sister if she wants to go with me and hearing her say “ummm HECK YEAH” in return. We get to have this special bonding time while thinking about what kind we want on our way there. She typically gets a chai latte (with whipped cream). Or an iced chai (also with whip). I love iced coffees, especially from Starbucks, so a Grande iced coffee with four pumps of caramel (or vanilla) sweetner and a itty bitty bit of room is my go-to.



I certainly do not drive a couple extra miles just because I like the ~environment~ better. Why on earth would I do such a thing? To drive a little further just because that Starbucks is prettier. PFT. 

But seriously. That whole coffee shop aesthetic GETS ME. I find it strangely calming when I walk into a cafe or coffee shop. There’s a Starbucks exactly five minutes up the road from me but it's in the same building as a bank and it’s just not as pretty. Though, the baristas are fabulous so I manage to ignore the setting. 



Baristas are the type of people who make you feel like you could tell your whole life story without judgement. That’s the thing about making coffee at home–you don’t get to have those exhilarating conversations and life-altering discussions with your Keurig. Baristas are for that! And they’re almost always in the best mood. Maybe it’s the coffee. Maybe it’s the environment. Maybe they’re just awesome people. Either way, baristas are my favorite kind of people and I love them.

Plus, after you go to the same Starbucks three days in a row, they start to act like you’ve been friends for YEARS and it’s amazing.



Smelling coffee is like smelling the sweet summer air of July… But like, whenever you feel like it. 



I just feel so happy when I drink coffee. It’s my self-indulgence. And not gonna lie, it makes me a lot more extroverted. Which can feel nice from time to time. I also don’t feel AS stressed when I’m drinking coffee–just a little don’t worry, be happy attitude.

I will admit, being an HSP (highly sensitive person) and anxious person, coffee does affect me in the way that enhances my anxiety. It’s a scary feeling because I don’t always notice it at first until I’m shaking and cringing from every little sound the world makes around me. I mean, that’s just a little con. If anyone else ever experiences this, it helps to eat and drink lots of water. Trust me.

Since I’m in, you know, quarantine… I’ve been missing coffee a lot more. So I gotta get creative and start fueling my love for it AT HOME. I recently tried making that whipped coffee stuff?? Yeah, it’s GOOD, my friend. So far I’ve made it two days in a row. It’s a huge motivator to get me out of bed–knowing I get to have a little treat if I just wAKE UP.

  1. 1. How to make whipped coffee:

    It’s actually called Dalgona Coffee, and super easy to make. The recipe I used called for:

    - 2tbsp of instant coffee

    - 2tbsp of sugar

    - 2tbsp of hot water

    - Now, WHIP ITTTT (Note: use a hand mixer because this part is the longest. I put a little whisk on the end of mine and just whipped it for like five whole minutes. You want it to be that light caramel color.)

    The first time around, it was a bit bitter tasting to me. I think I added way too much of the mixture to my mug of vanilla almond milk instead of just three tablespoons. So, to make it a little less bitter, I added a tad bit of sugar and ice to my cup. I even put my almond milk in the freezer for a few minutes. It just tastes better to me. I hope you enjoy this little treat because we all deserve one.

Sigh. Coffee is just so great, y’all. 

If you aren’t a fan of coffee (don’t worry, I understand), think about something else you love or miss. Maybe try to incorporate some form of it into your day. Even writing about it helps refuel that love and remind you that there are still things to enjoy. 

xx Kenzie