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Having a cat is great. It’s like having a roommate who doesn’t pay rent and eats all the food then complains when it’s all gone. But when in the mood, they give the best cuddles and are some of the best listeners because they really could not care less about your problems. Cats are interesting creatures; they have such big personalities. I cannot remember a time growing up when I did not have at least one cat in the house. The cats we have now though are super weird. For instance, the smallest one, her name is Dusty, likes to lick pictures and scream until someone fills her water bowl. Which happens to be in the bathtub because apparently the water tastes better there or something. Then there is Charlie, who’s fat and likes to eat any kind of plastic. And there is my cat Romeo, super clingy and also likes to eat plastic. Sometimes I’ll catch him trying to eat balloon strings. But I love them, they are idiots but lovable idiots. I love reading about people living with cats because there are the cats who are super smart and considerate, and then you have the idiots and goblins. Cats are pretty cool animals for several reasons. One, they can see in the dark, and two, they think people are just big dumb kittens that need to be taken care of. Which is sweet, really.  They’re purring is actually really good for you, they’re fun to play with and watch. And how can you say no to such a cute face? Not to mention their cute little toe beans. Sure they can be a really big pain in the butt but at the end of the day, they are always worth it. 

Hello! I'm Isabel, I'm a 19 year old introvert. I have a cat and really enjoy free time. I also really enjoy writing. My pronouns are she/her.
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