Buzz Cuts for All: Empowering Women

Ask a few people the following question: what does a girl/woman look like? Some people may not even answer, which is probably the best answer because there is no prototype. However, you may get a slew of people giving out certain answers such as long hair, makeup, boobs, a big butt, “girly clothes", and the list goes on. I guess one of the main indicators to people when it comes to gender is hair. Women typically have hair grown out in some way. There is an assumption that if a woman has a buzz cut they are either sick or their gender and sexuality are questionable. I know it seems crazy to think that women may want a buzz cut but I’m here to say it is real.

I bring this up because of my own desires to one day do a big chop. My hair is where I hold a lot of my stress. It has always been a place that gets neglected at times. It can be really frustrating when your hair is feeling dry and unhealthy and you yourself are not in a good state. I sometimes wonder how free I would feel with a buzz cut. I know it has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Women no longer have to have long hair to feel like a woman or be beautiful. Some people even recommend doing a big cut at least one time in your life.

I wonder what it would feel like to not have to wake up extra early in the morning to do hair, or waste a ton of money on hair products that are infused with chemicals that are harmful to my body. In no way am I saying that every woman should do this. However, I am saying that if you feel the urge maybe you should do it. I know it seems really scary but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to start a regrowth process. If you are lucky enough to have growing healthy hair, the hair you cut will always grow back. Sometimes roots and trunks need to be cut in order to build something bigger and better.

A lot celebrities have shaved their heads for roles or just to try something new. The list includes Kate Hudson, Keke Palmer, Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie, Amandla Stenberg, Halsey, Jessie J, Joey King and many more. If they can do, it so can you! It shouldn’t have to mean anything but what you want it to mean.

If you or someone you know decides to do the “buzz,” make sure you are supportive and loving of their choice. You don’t have to be going through some sort of crisis in order to shave your hair off. Often times we want something new, fresh and liberating and chopping all your hair off is definitely something that could fulfill those wants.