Black Songbirds: Why You Should Support Black Women in Music

In the spirit of Black Women’s History Month, let’s discuss black women in the music industry. Achieving musical fame has historically been much harder for women. The recent, new-day female pop, R&B, and hip-hop genres are seeing a flux in female icons and I am absolutely living for it. This is not a bash to any male singer, of course, I do love some good ‘ol John Mayer. We need to support our up-and-coming females, though, especially in this time of “new-age” feminism. Especially those icons of color.

I should state that this conversation applies to many more women than JUST Beyonce or Nicki Minaj. It is the “little guys” that need applause, encouragement, and respect. Black female artists work in all corners of music, and they face hardships with not only their gender but their race as well. They work hard to produce soulful and creative music that is quite often unappreciated by others outside of the black community. This needs to change.

How else can we show love for these female musicians of color then by continuously sharing playlists that are putting both their identities and inner feelings out for the public? Share songs and artists with your friends in the car, bring a hot playlist to a kickin’ party and steal the aux, post short blurbs about your favorite new artists and songs in your res-halls or office area. Exposure is key in increasing the popularity and appreciation of an artist. Women of color have come a long way from a history that has held them down, and they are so strong in innumerable ways. With that, here is a list of incredible black female artists and singers that I have put together to share with you. Think about what you can do to share and spread exposure for black women artists you like.

  1. 1. Jaz Karis- ‘Pretty Dreamer’

  2. 2. Ms. Irene Renee- ‘Ubiquitous Soul’ Album

  3. 3. Malia - ‘Sweetwater’

  4. 4. St. Beauty- ‘Colors’

  5. 5. Emily King- ‘Distance’

  6. 6. Santigold- ‘Disparate Youth’

  7. 7. Yemi Alade- ‘You’

  8. 8. Asa- ‘Broda Ole’

  9. 9. H.E.R- ‘Focus’

  10. 10. Jazmine Sullivan- ‘Let It Burn’

  11. 11. Chrisette Michele- ‘Don’t Pull’

  12. 12. Ledisi- ‘Pieces of Me’

  13. 13. Avery*Sunshine- ‘No Time for Mess’

  14. 14. Marsha Ambrosius- ‘Old Times’