Autumn, Is That You?

The other morning, I was going to class, and I happened to the catch the moment when a single leaf fell from a tree near Glenn Park bridge. I had the biggest grin on my face. If you are anything like me, you cannot wait until you can wear a hoodie, watch scary movies, or sleep in a Wells dorm room without breaking a sweat with every movement you make. I love the fall so much, it’s easily my favorite season. The temperature is not too warm, not too cold; the drinks get warmer, and my mood gets better. As a way to celebrate the fall of that single leaf, here are some things to look forward to now that autumn is slowly approaching.

#1 Warm drinks

I love my iced coffee, I do, but warm drinks are my favorite. It is a helpful way to keep warm during the colder seasons and it also very soothing. We also get seasonal flavors in our drinks. Pumpkin spice, ginger, and apple cinnamon seem to be the most popular in autumn, but there are so many more. There are other great food-related things that we can only enjoy at this time of the year like apple cider, caramel apples, and hot cocoa.

#2 Leaves changing color

During autumn, everywhere you look there are a bunch of vibrant colors surrounding us. The beautiful colors are a lovely sight for everyone to enjoy. We live on a beautiful campus; the fall only does it more justice during this time. From green to the yellows, browns, and reds it truly is gorgeous. Also, there’s just something is very comforting about stepping on dry crunchy leaves. Maybe it’s just me?


This is probably the one thing I am most excited about. If you love creepy, dark, genres in film with hints of political, social themes, and humor than you must watch AHS. As loyal fans already know, a new season comes out everywhere around Halloween, and it’s about that time. The new season is titled “Apocalypse” and will be coming out Wednesday, September 12!

#4 Clothing

My personal favorite is big cozy sweaters. You can put on a sweater that fits like a blanket, and it’ll still be cute and socially acceptable to wear because it’s fall. Our clothes get bigger and comfier. Plus, there are a bunch of things that we can add to our wardrobe since it is no longer burning hot like scarves, boots, cardigans, and hats. We get a massive addition to our wardrobe once the season approaches.

#5 Halloween

It goes without saying that Halloween is an exciting time of the year. We play dress up, watch scary films, eat candy, and get lit. I haven’t dressed up nor participated in Halloween since I was twelve years old but I still get super excited every year.

#6 Wells Events

There are some major traditional Wells events coming up that only take place in the fall. Odd/Even weekend and Erotic Ball. These events are valued at Wells as they represent sisterhood and body positivity. These are significant weekends on campus where mostly all of the college students participate in, and it can be a fun time for everyone!

What is your favorite part of Autumn?